Plane: X-15-3 Date: 12/20/61
Flight: 3-1-2 T.O.: 1405
Pilot: N. Armstrong Launch: 1446
B-52: #003 Land: 1456
L/P:   Total: :10
NASA 1:   B-52 Land: 1510

15 minutes to launch
NASA 1: Neil, request you delete all checks on #1 BCS system. Butch, set in 55 east. Mark, Butch. Neil, we have indication here you have #1 on and #2 off. Check, please. 
Neil: #2 has pressurized to 550 and right hand switch is the one that's turned on. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Neil: Left roll. 
Chase: That's it. 
Neil: Nose up. 
Chase: Rog. 
Neil: Down. 
Chase: Rog. 
Neil: Right. 
Chase: Rog. 
Neil: Left. 
Chase: Rog. 
Neil: OK, I didn't see anything of the left. #2 BCS is now going on and #2 BCS source now reads about 3425 and #1 is 3450. 
NASA 1: Roger. 003, add 2° starboard and delete 1 minute please. 
B-52: Roger, delete 1 minute, 2° starboard. This is the 12 minute point now, I'm on altitude and airspeed. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Neil: APU cooling switch is normal. Blowers and LN2 going on. Pressure cooling on. Cabin source reads 3450. Helium shutoff valve is open. #l hydraulic is -65 and #2 is -40. 12 minutes now, data coming on. 
Chase 3: Airborne. .
Neil: OK, #2 APU coming on. Pressures up ....... Reset #1 coming on now, pressure is coming up. 
B-52: 11 minutes. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Neil: I got reset. Hydraulic pressures are 3500 on #1 and 3355 on #2. Electric for 200 volts. Data .......... Platform going to internal. BCS circuit breakers are on. 
Neil: Data coming off. Control check with Chase 3. 
Chase: Go ahead. 
Neil: OK, roll. 
Chase: Yep. 
NASA 1: Neil, suggest you reset once more on the engine. 
Neil: 0K, reset and pitch. 
Chase: Yep. 
Neil: Back rudder, right rudder, left rudder. 
Chase: OK, everything looks good now, Neil. 
B-52: 10 minutes to launch. 
Neil: Rog, precool off. FCS data on. Analyzer check, Butch. 
Butchart: It's been on for about 1/2 minutes. We're starting to go, let's go. 
Chase: Want to check your flaps, Neil? 
Neil: Going down. 
Butchart: I've already started my check, I won't bother with it. I got a malfunction on the roll then, Neil. 
Neil: OK. 
Chase: Flaps are OK. 
Neil: OK, that's good. 
NASA 1: Butch, check X-15 power off. 
Butchart: Yes. 
Chase: Flaps are up. 
Neil: OK, thank you. NASA 1, the trim synchronizer is running, cycling back and forth. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Butchart: Your .......... display .......... your head is on item 3, you got that in spec. We've got an intermittent one on 8, corrected itself, going on. 
Neil: OK. 
NASA 1: Neil, give us #2 source reading. 
Neil: #2 engine source is 3100. 
Butchart: I have a failure on 15 that's not correcting itself. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Neil: Going to shoot me down on that? 
NASA 1: Butch, we will proceed. 
Butchart: Roger. 
B-52: 30 seconds from turn point. 
NASA 1: Rog, looking good, Jack. 
Butchart: We've got a temp failure on 30, going on. 
Neil: Was that intermittent, Butch? 
Butchart: No, it stayed at 31 again. 
Neil: 0K. 
B-52: 7 minutes, verify and turning. 
NASA 1: Roger, you can have 1 minute 40 seconds lead time on the drop point, Jack.
Butchart: .......... I'm 32 here, also going on. 
B-52: Jack, you lost me on that 1 minute 40 sec. I didn't hear what you said. 
NASA 1: You can have an overlead of 1 minute 40 sec. on your drop point. 
B-52: Rog. 
NASA 1: 003, can you tighten up your turn, just a tad? 
B-52: Rog, and we passed the 6 minute point 15 seconds ago. Neil, will you verify please? 
Neil: OK, Aux cabin pressure switch is on. Platform is internal. Fire ext on auto. Engine oscillograph and vibration recorders on. 
Butchart: OK, we're at end of test and the test light is on. #l3 is the only one in question then? 
Neil: Rog. 
B-52: 5 minutes, verify please. 
Neil: 5 minutes, and I'd like to have the readings now from NASA 1, on the flight control. 
NASA 1: Let's proceed to the launch. 
Neil: Ammonia, X-15 O2 at 2400 pounds. Cabin altitude 35,000. Cine camera pulse. And ventral is armed. 
Butchart: OK Neil, confirm check OK. 
Neil: OK, I'm indicating about 2° + stabilizer test. Got a reset .......... 
NASA 1: OK, Neil, everything says go down here, let's proceed. 
Neil: OK. And I want to confirm whether I should try the outer lids or not? 
B-52: 4 minutes, confirm please. 
Neil: 4 minutes, verify topoff. 
Butchart: Complete. 
NASA 1: Neil, on your last request, that's affirmative, go ahead. 
Neil: OK, data calibrate. Tank handle to pressurize. BCS data is off. I've got 45 pounds on ammonia, 49 on LOX. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Chase: Jettison check OK. 
B-52: 3 minutes, verify. 
Neil: Rog, 3 minutes, I'm now on X-15 radio ........... 
NASA 1: We read you clear but weak, Neil. 
Neil: .......... when you want to give me this radio check? 
B-52: NASA 1, give him a radio check. 
NASA 1: How do you read? 
B-52: Neil, how do you read? 
Neil: Don't read him at all.
B-52: He's not reading you at all. 
NASA 1: We will proceed, 003, relay messages. 
B-52: Rog. I will relay the messages, Neil. We will proceed. 
Neil: OK. I' m on lower antenna. X-15 radio ............ Inertial velocity is ............. Push to test ball nose. 
B-52: 2 minutes, verify. 
.......... : .......... 
Butchart: Doppler velocity 690. 
NASA 1: 003, are you relaying messages to 672? 672, NASA 1. 
B-52: Go ahead, Jack. 
NASA 1: Roger, are you reading 672? 
B-52: 672, give me a quick count. OK. I read you with a squeal, this is the 1 minute point, everybody verify. 
NASA 1: Roger, we will proceed. 
Neil: .......... 
B-52: 35 seconds now, confirm, flight control system is OK. 
NASA 1: Roger, let's go. 
B-52: They say let's go. I have arm light on. 
Neil: 20 seconds, pump idle. 350 pounds, 10 seconds. Igniter idle OK. I got oil pressure .......... fuel .......... 3-2-1, release. 
B-52: He's away, NASA 1. 
NASA 1: Roger, thank you, Jack. 
Neil: Cabin pressure 350 .......... 
Chase: Looks good, Neil. 
NASA 1: Looks good down here, Neil. How do you read NASA l? 
B-52: Neil, you're looking good from NASA 1. 
Neil: OK ............. 
NASA 1: 35 seconds, Neil. 
Neil: Roger, and a rudder pulse. 
B-52: 35 seconds. 
Neil: And advise flight control system strain gage just went out. 
B-52: Flight control system strain gage went out. 
NASA 1: Roger. 55 seconds, pushover. 
B-52: 55 seconds, pushover. 
Neil: Pushover. 
B-52: Pushing over into the sun, NASA 1, everything looks good from here. 
NASA 1: Thank you, Jack.
Neil: .......... 
B-52: He's getting cycling in yaw and I think he went to fixed gain to pick it up. 
NASA 1: Roger. Going through 75,000. 
Neil: .......... on the altitude, coming level now. 
B-52: Altitude 75, coming level, NASA 1. 
NASA 1: Roger. Edwards area .......... 92, 93, shutdown. 
Neil: 94, shutdown. 
B-52: Shutdown.
Neil: .......... shutdown. Going to try to re-engage yaw. 
NASA 1: 3700 feet per second.
Neil: Reengage platform.
NASA 1: 80,000, Neil. 
Neil: .......... pitch pulse. 
B-52: 80,000, Neil. 
Neil: Say again? 
NASA 1: Going slightly down hill, Neil, pullup. 
Neil: .......... roll. 
NASA 1: 3300 feet per sec. 
Neil: 10° right roll. 
NASA 1: We have you about 78,000 at 3000. 
Neil: .......... I'm not reading anybody very well ........... 
NASA 1: Neil, turn 5° left. 
Neil: .......... 
NASA 1: We have you at 2400 feet per sec. Turn 5° left. 
B-52: 2400 feet per sec., Neil. Turn 5° left. 
Neil: OK, 5° left .............. 
NASA 1: We have you over Cuddeback at 73,000. 
Neil: .......... 
B-52: Over Cuddeback, Neil, 73,000. 
Neil: OK. I've got the lake in site now. 
NASA 1: Roger, understand you've got the lake in sight. 2000 feet per sec. 
Neil: Yaw fixed gain. Pitch pulse. Re-cycle to the 10 ....... Pitch pulse. Another pitch pulse. Can't see any damping, pretty dry up here. 
NASA 1: Roger, we have you 20 miles northwest. 
Neil: Re-engaging the damping. The pitch didn't re-engage the first time, pulse did not the second time. I've got fixed gain in pitch. 
B-52: We're completely unreadable as far as the X-15 goes. 
NASA 1: Roger.
Neil: I'm getting you now, Jack.
NASA 1: Roger, understand you're reading Neil, turn left, keep bringing it around to the left.
Neil: .......... 
NASA 1: We have you at 60,000, north of Mojave. 
Neil: Slowing down through .......... now. 
B-52: Over Mojave at 60,000, Neil. 
Neil: And re-affirm, I'm unable to get anything .......... Butch. 
NASA 1: Neil, you were unreadable, say again. 
Neil: I'm fixed gain at pitch. I'm down to 220 knots. 
NASA 1: Roger. Just have you going subsonic. 
Neil: Limit cycle again, .......... yaw and fixed gain .......... pitch damp at 220 knots. 
NASA 1: 55,000. 
.......... : .......... 
Neil: Pitch damp and a roll here at 240, correction, that's a yaw pulse and it doesn't look too bad. Looks like it would be OK to go .......... in this configuration. 
NASA 1: Roger, keep bringing it around to the left, you're heading for the south lakebed. 
Neil: Roger, Jack. I've got the runway in sight. 
Chase: Go ahead and jettison, Neil, if you read me. 
Neil: OK, going to jettison now at 45,000. 
Chase: Say your altitude again and ...... 
Neil: I'm 43,000 now, about 7 miles west of base. 
Chase: OK, I have you in sight. 
Neil: OK, peroxide has stopped jettisoning. .... igniter ...... Tank pressures beginning to drop down ...... Going through 37 ....... 
Chase: OK, Neil, I have you, you're little high. 
Neil: I'm going to put out a little brakes here. 
Chase: I have him in sight. I'm on your right wing, Neil. 
NASA 1: We have you at 30,000. 
Neil: Say again? 
NASA 1: 30,000. 
Neil: Roger, I've got 27, ventral is armed. 
Chase: Neil, going through 25, coming up on 24 now. 
Neil: OK. 
Chase: Use speed brakes if you want to. 
Neil: OK, I'll use a little more, point it down a little more .......... and start bringing the brakes in. 16, going to pressurize. 
Chase: Doing about 300, 310 right now. 
Neil: OK, I've got about 295 on mine. Brakes are in. 
Chase: 11,300 feet.
Neil: OK, little more brakes. And, you're going to call my ventral, right? 
Chase: Rog, I'll call when you're clear. 
Neil: I'm not reading you too well, so make it nice and loud. Brakes coming in. 
Chase: Get ready to drop any time. 
Neil: It's off, flaps going down. 
Chase: OK, looks good. Gear down, looks good. Good show, Neil. About 10 feet, 5. Beauty, Neil. 
Neil: Thank you, Dad. FCS is disengaged. Flaps coming up. 
NASA 1: Engine master off, Neil. 
Neil: Engine master is off and stopped. Clear the controls on ...... Push to test ball nose. Test, data coming off. Hydraulic press is 33 on #2 and 34 on #1. Temp +40 on #1 and +40 on #2. Peroxide tank control is 580. APU bearing +6O and +75. No peroxide low light. Seat chambers are -50 and -45. Helium source Fox is last, #1 is 1800, #2 is 1800. APU source is 2300 on #1 and 2500 on #2. Cabin source is 2050. 3 axis ball heading 203. Inertial height is like, maybe -30,000. Inertial climb is 1300 feet per sec. Inertial speed is indicating 600 feet per sec. X-15 oxygen is 1300 pounds. Stable platform is off. OK to turn APU's off? 
NASA 1: Affirm.