Plane: X-15-2 Date: 10/11/61
Flight: 2-20-36 E.S.:  
Pilot: Major R. White Taxi:  
B-52: #003 T.O.: 1122
L/P:   Launch: 1220
NASA 1:   Land: 1230
    Total: :10
    B-52 Land: 1252

15 minutes to launch
NASA 2: Be advised that we would like to leave the precool switch on until the 11 minute point. 
White: Rog. 
Russell: Lube oil temp 105. 
B-52: 15 minutes. 
White: Precool is on, of course. Face plate heat is low. Winds up here at the lake .......... the altimeter is .......... 
NASA 2: Roger Bob, winds at Mud, SE at 5, altimeter set at 3010. 
B-52: Will launch from 45,500 feet instead of 45 even. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
NASA 1: Repeat launch lake winds are light and variable. 
White: How about at Grapevine and Ballarat? 
NASA 2: Roger, Grapevine light and variable, 3006. Ballarat light and variable, 2 to 3 knots, 3004. 
B-52: 14 minutes, launch pressure 1600 pounds. 
B-52: 13 minutes. 
White: Both BCS switches coming on ....... coming up OK .......... OK, #1 off, cycling #2. 
Chase: Negative ...... to the left, take another left. I'm getting a good one from right wing, I'm not seeing anything from the left, Bob. 
White: What have you got now? 
Chase: I've got upper right. 
White: OK, that's good. Cycling #l.
Chase: .......... 
White: .......... precool. 
Chase: Rog. 
White: Both BCS's are off. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
Russel: NASA 2, lube oil temp 100. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
.......... : How soon do we start APU's? 
White: At 9 minutes. 
B-52: 11 minutes to launch. 
White: Precool just going off. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
Russel: Helium topoff ..... NASA 1, standby for position mark. 
NASA 2: Standing by. 
Russel: Mark. 
B-52: 10 minutes. 
White: APU cooling switch to NORMAL. Blowers & LN2 ON. Pressure cooling ON. Inertial altitude is 47. Velocity 800. .......... attitude & .......... look good. 
B-52: Mag heading 344 1/2. 
White: LN2 source 3500. 
Russel: LN2 and stable platform cooling off. 
White: .......... control switches on. Controlling temps -70 and -55. 
Russel: Doppler velocity 760. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
Russel: NASA 2, readouts on last one .......... 5122 miles west, 952 north. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
B-52: Turning now, 8-1/2 minutes to launch. 
Russel: Bob, got .......... radio on? 
White: OK. I reset the generators. Engine reset. Hydraulic pressures both look OK. Electric power check OK. Data coming off. Cycling controls and flaps. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
Russel: X-15 power off. 
B-52: 8 minutes to launch. 
White: Engine oscillograph on. Vibration recorders on. 
NASA 2: Roger. Jack, start your turn at 7 minutes please. 
B-52: Roger, turn at 7, thank you. 
White: Auxiliary cabin pressure switch is on. 
Russel: Vertical velocity +5 ............. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
Russel: Inertial system in specs. 
B-52: 7 minutes, turning now, verify, Bob. 
White: Rog, 7 minutes. Internal on the platform. Fire extinguisher auto. 
NASA 2: Roger, and Russell, place memory switch in force position for remainder of the flight. 
Russel: Roger. 
White: Reset SAS, all the channels .......... complete .......... 
B-52: 6 minutes. 
White: Hydraulic temps +20 and +10. X-15 oxygen pressure is about 2250, will select at 5 minutes. 
B-52: 5 minutes, verify. 
White: 5 minutes, selecting X-15 oxygen. Cabin pressure altitude is 35,000 feet. Cine camera going to pulse.
Russel: LOX topoff is complete. 
White: Ventral is armed. Going to pressurize. OK, data on. Ready to calibrate and tank pressure will lock out at the top 4828. 3 jettison switches going to jettison, check for jettison ........ 
Chase: Right, all 3. 
White: OK, I'm going to shutdown .......... pressurize, data off. 
Chase: Jettison stopped. 
B-52: 4 minutes, verify. 
White: Rog, 4 minutes. Intercom switch is off, how do you read, NASA 2? 
NASA 2: Loud & clear, how me? 
White: Roger, loud & clear. I'm on lower antenna. 
NASA 2: Roger, understand you'll remain in that position for the entire flight. 
White: Right now got good attitude ....... passing 900 inertial .......... 
NASA 2: Roger. 
Russel: Doppler velocity 1705. 
White: ....... 
B-52: 3 minutes, verify please. Holding out heading 177. 
White: Roger, 3 minutes, that check with you, Pete? 
NASA 2: That's good. 
White: OK, reading about 1/2° angle of attack - if those people at Mud .......... 
NASA 2: Rog, Bob. 
White: Inertial velocity is 800. Altitude 46, attitude good. 
NASA 2: Rog. 
Russel: Velocity looks good in B-52. 
B-52: 2 minutes. 
White: 2 minutes. Push to test button ......... APU bearing temps are +70 and +85. LOX pump bearing -10. 
NASA 1: Rog, transmissions after 1 minute, Bob. 
White: Jack, give us a 1 minute and 50 second call, I need. 
B-52: Roger, buddy. 
White: .......... 173. 
B-52: 1 minute now. 
White: Prime switch going to prime. I've got a light on igniter ready light. .......... pressures are up where they should be.
B-52: 50 seconds.
White: Precool is on..
Chase: Fuel and LOX both blossomed. 
White: LOX pump bearing - already called it out. Igniter idle. .......... pressure. Got ......... (terrific squeal on radios during launch - transmissions not clear and unable to transcribe) 
NASA 2: OK, Bob, we read you 100%. Course is looking good yet. 
White: Good, clock didn't work. 
NASA 2: Understand clock didn't work, we've got the time, 312, speed brakes, Bob. 
White: .......... How does the course look? 
NASA 2: Little bit to the right, Bob, but I wouldn't worry about it yet. 
White: OK. 
NASA 2: Went by 70,000 feet now. 
White: Did you say 70? 
NASA 2: Sorry, 100. 
White: OK. 
NASA 2: 26, 27, 8, shutdown. So far your course looks real good, Bob. Little bit to the right, but you can't do anything about it. Coming up on 160,000 feet now. Profile is excellent at 170 .......... OK, going through 200, looks about 205 or 210, Bob. 
B-52: 205 or 10, Bob. 
White: OK. 
NASA 2: We've got you over the top at 220, Bob. Understand, reaction control do? 
.......... : Good. 
White: .......... 
NASA 2: Not reading you, Bob. You're just coming back down to 200 now. 
White: Try again, Pete, I hope. 
B-52: He doesn't read you, Bob, you were coming through 200. 
Chase 2: Reading you, Bob. 
NASA 2: You're going to have plenty of energy and you're going to be right of course, but you'll be OK. 160. 
B-52: Slightly right of course but OK, around 160, Bob. 
NASA 2: 150. 
B-52: 150, Bob. 
NASA 2: 130. 
B-52: 130, Bob. 
NASA 2: 100. 
B-52: 100, Bob. 
White: 3'gs coming up now, right? 
NASA 2: 3 g's coming up now. You 're going through 75, 70 in the curve, 60 and you '11 need a left turn after you're level to get into home plate. Have you level at 60. NASA 1, do you have control? 
NASA 1: Rog, have control. Hold your present heading, Bob. We have you high on energy. We have you climbing slightly at 60,000 and the velocity is 2200. 
B-52: Climbing slightly, Bob, velocity 2200. 
White: Rog. 
NASA 1: We have you at 62,000 feet - advise you leave your speed brakes open. Have you at 1700 feet per/sec at 59,000 feet, Bob. 
White: OK, my ....... outside windshield went .......... 
NASA 1: Rog, thank you, Bob. 
White: Outside pane. 
NASA 1: Understand, outside pane? 
White: That's correct. 
NASA 1: Thank you. Have you at 52, 000 feet, velocity is 1200 feet per/sec . Continue your turn around to the left, you're over the center of Rosamond Lake. 
White: Rog. I have the base in site. 
NASA 1: Rog, thank you, Bob. 
White: ...... OK, chase near me, I'd like to go to jettison now. 
Chase: Go ahead, Bob. Got you in site, Bob, got anything you want me to take a look at? 
White: Showing 40,000 feet, how does that look to you guys? 
Chase: About right, Bob. 
NASA 1: Rog, we have you at 40,000 feet on radar, switch your antenna to auto, Bob. 
White: OK, I'm on auto now. 
Chase: Tailing ......... 
White: My speed brakes are in, aren't they, as far as you can tell, Joe? .......... just a check. 
Chase: Right, I'm not that close yet. 
NASA 1: Bob, check your peroxide jettison switch off? 
White: Roger, peroxide is off. I got an awful lot of ............ 
Chase: What's your heading right now? 
White: I 'm heading 25°. Angling for downwind here, now passing through 31,000.
Chase: Touching pretty close. 
White: Getting pretty good buffet from about 8° alpha here when I pull up ........... 
NASA 1: Rog, check your ventral armed, Bob.
White: Ventral is armed and the playback and so far temps are complete. 
Chase: Complete, go ahead. 
White: Just a second, I'll pressurize. I'll have to ace a little speed brake here, you know. Little pieces of glass flaking away. 
Chase: We're at 9000. 
White: I'm turning in here now. 
Chase: Right. Looks good. 
White: I'm back to pressurize. I'll get the ventral on and give you a call. I'm going to be a little low here. 
Chase: OK, speed brakes in. 
White: Yes, they've been in. 
Chase: OK, its away, real clean. 
White: Gear coming down now. 
Chase: OK, BEAUTY! 
White: OK, if you're ready, I'll raise the flaps, speed brakes are full open and I'11 cycle the controls once for you. Push to test on the ball nose. OK, data going off. Hydraulic pressures #1 3200, #2 3400 & temps +50 and +40. H202 tank pressures 560 on #1 and #2. APU bearing temps are 60 and 80. Low light on H202. Helium source pressures 500 on both #1 and #2. Peroxide pressures 450 (?) APU source pressures 2100 on #1 and #2. LN2 source 1700. 3 axis ball heading is 177. Inertial height is O. Inertial climb is -225. Total velocity 600. X-15 oxygen pressure 1900. All switches off.