Plane: X-15-2 Date: 9/12/61
Flight: 2-18-34 E.S.:  
Pilot: Joseph A. Walker Taxi:  
B-52: #008 T.O.: 1344
L/P:   Launch: 1440
NASA 1: S. Butchart Land: 1449

12 minutes to launch
Walker: OK, both BCS switches on.
Russel: You got pitch and yaw, Joe, nothing out of the roll. OK. 
Walker: OK, #1 off, control #2, you get fixed up? 
Russel: ..... looks good .......... 
Walker: OK, #2 off, #1 on. 
Russel: You got .............. 
Walker: OK, both on. Could you read that yaw on the altimeter? 
Russel: BCS complete, Joe? 
Walker: Affirmative. Both are off. 
B-52: 11 minutes. 
Walker: Precool off. 
Russel: .......... range, cross-range, mark. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
Russel: NASA 2, cross range reading 35.3 west, range 180.6 north. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
B-52: 1O minutes. 
Walker: APU cooling switch normal. Blowers and LN2 on. Pressure cooling on . 
Russel: LN2 supply and stable platform cooling off. 
B-52: Mag heading 344°. 
Walker: 340 knots, 850 feet per/sec, 35,000 just barely on the down .......... 
NASA 2: Roger, Joe and 008, its looking good down here. 
Walker: 3500 pounds cabin source. 
Russel: B-52, 830 feet per/sec. 
B-52: Going to be a good one today, Joe. 10 minutes. 
Walker: Helium shutoff valve open, -70 and -59. Hydraulic temps, data on. #l APU. 
NASA 2: 008, start your turn. 6 minutes 25 seconds. 
B-52: Roger, I'm coming up on 8 minutes and 10 seconds, Jack, want me to turn? 
NASA 2: Roger, start at 6 minutes and 45 seconds. 
B-52: I got 8 minutes now. I'll start my turn in 6-45. 
Walker: OK, engine reset and electrical alternator speed set, ahead of that, and data is off. Looks like we got two ........... .and I've got to check on the backup hydraulic system, I think. 
NASA 2: Roger, Joe, everything looking good down here. 
Russel: Inertial system is in spec. 
B-52: 7 minutes and 10 seconds. 
Walker: OK, engine oscillograph on. Vibration recorder on. Controls and flaps. 
B-52: 7 minutes.
Chase: Vent controls feel good and flaps are out. 
Walker: Roger. 
B-52: Starting turn 6:45. 
Walker: OK, turn off the power, Russell. 
Russel: All off, Joe. 
Walker: Platform to internal. 
Russel: Lube oil temp 130. 
Walker: Fire extinguisher auto. 
Russel: Data turning. 
Walker: I'm going ahead with the SAS gain check. 4-4-8, engaged, yar standby. 
NASA 2: Russell, memory switch remain in the normal position remainder of flight.
Russel: Roger.
B-52: 5 minutes 50 seconds, verify. 
Walker: Thank you. All check on SAS and reset the 8-6-8. Horizontal stabilizer position looks good here. 
B-52: Roger .............. 
NASA 1: Joe, what is your alpha indicator reading? 
Walker: +2. 
B-52: 5 minutes. 
Walker: 5 minutes. 
Russel: Topoff is complete. 
Walker: X-15 oxygen on at 2100 pounds. Cabin altitude is 36,000. Cine camera pulse. Ventral is armed. Check damper down(?) I gave two checks on the ball nose, it came out good. 
NASA 2: Roger.
Walker: .......... 
Russel: Roger, Joe. 
B-52: 4 minutes. 
Walker: Data, calibrate. Tank handle to pressurize. 
NASA 1: Joe, what's your C-6 heading? 
Walker: 3200. 46 on fuel and 49 on LOX. 3 jettison switches to jettison. Tank handle to jettison. 
B-52: .......... point.
Walker: Back to pressurize. Data off.
Russel: .......... 
B-52: 3 minutes. 
Russel: X- 15 oxygen, Joe? 
Walker: Roger at 2100 pounds ..... How do you read X-15 radio, NASA 2? 
NASA 2: Read you 5 square. 
Walker: OK, we're running about 950 on velocity and 45,000. 
NASA 2: Joe, did you give us alpha .......... 
Walker: Beta is showing about a degree to the left. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
Walker: Another ball nose check. It's alright. 
Russel: Inertial system in specs. Velocity 780 feet per/sec. 
Walker: Range 110 and 95 . 
B-52: 2 minutes. 
Walker: Roger, 2 minutes. 
Russel: What does your inertial altitude read, Joe? 
Walker: 45,000. Data on. 
NASA 2: Joe, what is your #2 hydraulic pressure? 
Walker: Oh heck, that thing has gone flat, good show. 
NASA 2: Roger, we lost it down here. 
Walker: I got a restart, keep your eye on that thing. 
NASA 2: OK. 
B-52: 1 minute, arm switch on. 
.......... : Arm on. 
Walker: Want to go ahead, Jack? 
NASA 2: Looks OK now, Joe, let's go ahead. 
Walker: OK, call it a minute with prime on now. Pump bearing 20°. 
Russel: .......... 
Walker: Precool, what did you say? 
Russel: Joe, did you reset #2? 
Walker: Yes, and I reset on the engines. 
Russel: OK, good, thank you. 
Walker: Pump idle. 
B-52: .......... 
Walker: Igniter idle.
.......... : .......... 
Walker: Ready to launch, 2, 1 LAUNCH. 
Chase: Got good light, looks very good, I'm right over you. 
Walker: I got a fuel line low light. 
Chase: OK, I'll hold back and you go on by. 
Walker: Roger, dragging to 50%. 
Chase: Roger, how does your oil pressure look? 
Walker: It's went down to about 23 and picked back up to 40. 
NASA 2: Roger, Joe, heading looking good. 
Chase: Is your light still on? 
Walker: Roger, still on. 
Chase: It will stay on. 
Walker: I guess we carry on the same way. 
NASA 2: 37, 38, 39. 
Walker: Now we're slow, Jack. I'll have to fly by "guess and by gosh" here. 
NASA 2: Roger, Joe, you're pretty low here. You can go off and across if you like to Joe(?) 
Walker: Beg your pardon? 
NASA 2: You can go up and cross if you care to, Joe. 
Russel: What's your line pressure ................ 
Walker: 20. 
NASA 2: 68 seconds ... Joe. 77, 78, 79, doing very nicely, Joe, still on course. Push over, Joe. 
Walker: OK, push over. 
NASA 2: 90,000, 4200 feet per/sec. Coming up on 110,000, Joe. 4900 feet, 100,000. 
Walker: OK, we had a burnout and fuel was rationed. 
Chase: And don't use speed brakes, Joe, you know that. 
Walker: Yes Sir! 
Chase: ..... free, Joe. 
NASA 2: 115,000 feet altitude. 
Walker: Going to try to get 15° pulse. 
NASA 2: Roger and you're at 5000 feet per/sec. Course is looking very good. 
Chase: .......... 
Walker: Well I'm wallowing around up here so this is almost the same as I practiced in the other configuration at the moment. 
NASA 2: Roger, will you do an engine reset? 
Walker: Reset. 
NASA 2: 5500 feet a second now. 
Walker: OK, I see the smoke ......... trailing up here. Makes the topping of main (?) 
NASA 2: 4200 feet a second and your cabin pressure is looking very good here, Joe. 
Walker: OK, its going pressure cabin. 
NASA 2: And 100,000. 
Walker: I would say that's coming from up at one end of the canopy. 
NASA 2: Roger, 4000 feet a second now. 
Walker: What's our geographical location? 
NASA 2: Roger, you're approaching China Lake. 
Walker: How's the track? 
NASA 2: Looking very good, you're level at 95,000. 
Walker: Yes, if the lift isn't too hot, we keep getting in the stall buffet here. 
NASA 2: Roger, you're down to about 3600 feet a second........... .NASA 1 taking over, confirm.
NASA 1: Roger, NASA 1 got it. We suggest you get the boards out, Joe. 
Walker: OK, if you're ready, I am. 
NASA 1: Coming through 90, descending. Course looks good. Over Saltdale Lake, 85,000, descending. 
Chase: Are you jettisoning yet, Joe? If not, hold up just a minute. 
Walker: I'll hold it for you. 
Chase: OK. 
Walker: I'm so close in I cannot see the lake. 
NASA 1: OK, you're 15 miles north and passing through 70,000. 
Walker: OK. 
NASA 1: Passing through 60 just coming up on Hiway 466. 
Walker: OK, I'd better be ready to turn pretty quick. 
NASA 1: I suggest you start turning now, 55,000. 
Chase: Go ahead and jettison, Joe. 
Walker: OK, going to jettison. 
NASA 1: You're just west of North Base. 
Walker: OK, now that I'm turning, I can see. 
NASA 1: OK. 
Chase: You're jettisoning in pulses, that's pretty good. 
Walker: OK, brakes in, continuing to turn. 
NASA 1: Roger, good show, 45,000, 40,000.
Walker: Rah, good descent, Wahooo! 
NASA 1: 35,000. 
Walker: OK, we'll get the push down pulse. 
Chase 4: Have visual contact. 
NASA 1: Push peroxide jettison switch to stop, Joe? 
Walker: Yep! 
NASA 1: 30,000. 
Walker: 23,000. 
NASA 1: We have you passing through 23,000. 
Chase: Full speed brake, just a little. 
NASA 1: 20,000. 
Walker: Back in. 
Chase: Good show, right beside you on the right. 
Walker: OK, turning left. 
NASA 1: Are you pressurized yet? 
Walker: Going to pressurize. 
Chase: Little more brake and turning in. Ok on the ventral. 
Walker: OK, brakes closed. 
Chase: Go ahead and jettison, its clear, looks good. On way down, 5 feet, Beauty, Joe! 
  After Landing

We shut the breathing oxygen off at about 1250. Also did remember at give it the business on full back stick, flaps up, and the speed brakes out, on the flight. Flaps are already up. Speed brakes open. Cycle controls. Push to test on ball nose. Data off. Hydraulic pressures 3200 on #1 and 3400 on #2. APU tank pressure. Bearing temps are about 80. No low lights, either one. Mixing chamber temps, #1 -20 and #2 -40. Engine He source pressure is 100 on #1 and #2 hanging on a 1000. APU #1 .......... #2 2500. He source pressure is 2300 pounds. C-6 says we're at .......... Total velocity is at .......... X-15 oxygen pressure at 1250. Stable platform going off.