Plane: X-15-2 Date: 5/25/61
Flight: 2-16-31 E.S.:  
Pilot: Joseph A. Walker Taxi:  
B-52: #003 T.O.:  
L/P: J. Russel Launch:  
NASA 1:   Land:  

15 minutes to launch
Walker: Helium shutoff switch now open. -65 and -55 on hydraulic temps. Data on. #1 APU coming on. #2 APU on. OK reset. 
NASA 2: 003, start your turn right at 7 minutes. 
Walker: Data off and turn off electrical power switches. Engine oscillograph on, vibration recorders on. 
NASA 2: Joe, start your engine reset. 
Walker: Reset in just a second. Engine controls .......... going back up. Platform on internal. Fire extinguisher to automatic. 
B-52: Read cutout memory attitude when started to turn, like to have you get a reading on .......... looks good vertical velocity .......... 
Walker: SAS check OK, back to 8-8-8. 
NASA 2: Give us a ball temp. 
B-52: Holding 175. 5 minutes to launch. 
NASA 2: Joe, are you on X-15 oxygen? 
Walker: Affirmative. 
B-52: 4 minutes. 
NASA 2: Joe, we had a temporary radio cutout, like to confirm cine camera pulses and check ventral armed. 
B-52: Pulses good, Joe, a11 3. 
Walker: Roger, pressurize. OK, earphone is off, we're on lower antenna, we are on X-15 radio. 
B-52: 3 minutes, on heading. 
Walker: 3 minutes, how do you read, NASA 2? 
NASA 2: Read you 5 square, how me? 
Walker: 5 square. 
B-52: Doppler in specs. Platform in specs. Prime is good. 2 minutes to launch. 
Walker: 2 minutes. 25,800' a second. O vertical velocity, good, attitude .......... push to test ball nose. 
NASA 2: Verify that 11 items have been checked through 48, over. 
Walker: B-52 .......... and APU's running is 9O and 70. Data and calibrate. 
NASA 2: Joe could you give us a Lox tank pressure? 
Walker: Lox tank pressure 50 .............. 
B-52: 1 minute, arm switch on, light check, verify, Joe. 
Walker: Igniter ready light. 
B-52: 50 seconds. 
Walker: Precool. Lox bearing -31 1/2. -41 on NH3. Pump idle. 
B-52: 20 seconds. 10 seconds. 
Walker: Igniter idle. 
B-52: Igniter idle good. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, release.
Walker: .......... SAS malfunction. 
NASA 2: Everything looks good, Joe. Very good, Joe, 35 seconds, 50,000. 
B-52: 6 miles, Joe. 
NASA 2: 4000 feet a second, Joe .......... 70 seconds, 71, 72, shutdown, Joe. You're just to right of course, looking good. Coming up on 100, 000. 
Walker: Setting up Mach, stabilizer trim. Pulse, BCS pulse. 
NASA 2: We have you at 110,000, 4500' a second. Turn 10° left. Coming back down 90,000. .......... BCS switches off, Joe. 
Walker: OK, and my suit's inflated. 
NASA 2: OK, we show an increase in cabin pressure down here. NASA 1, we have lost the radar. 
B-52: Joe, if you can look out, these .......... clouds just about 20 miles north of base. 
NASA 1: NASA 2, we have radar, we will take control. 
NASA 2: Roger. 
NASA 1: Joe, BCS switches off, you are at 2400' per second. 
Walker: .......... and I have the field in sight if you're worried about that ........... 
NASA 1: You're looking real good, Joe. 
Walker: I'm getting a heading of 200 feet .......... 
NASA 1: Right, Joe, your present heading is real good, in between Rosamond and Edwards. What's your altitude, Joe? 
Walker: I'm switching over to center stick. I'm showing 59,000. 
NASA 1: Joe we have you at 62,000, do not use speed brakes. You can go to jettison any time now. 
Walker: OK on jettison, peroxide jettison switch off. 
NASA 1: Turn another 5° left. 
Chase: Are you jettisoning now, Joe? 
Walker: Affirmative on jettisoning. Showing 45,000. 
NASA 1: Joe, we have you approximately 25 miles NW. 
Chase: Haven't seen a jettison failure ......... 
Walker: .......... tank pressure going down. 
NASA 1: Chase 4, he is about 5 miles SW of Saltdale. 
Walker: And I'm flying 8° angle of attack here. 
NASA 1: Your present heading looking real good. Do you still have the field in sight? 
Walker: I have the south end of the lake bed in sight. 
NASA 1: Your present heading looks like it will take you to the north edge of the lake. 
Walker: Going to have to go a little faster, maximum L/D to keep from getting in a stall buffet. 
NASA 1: 42,000 feet, Joe, approximately 15 miles NW. 
Walker: Affirmative. 
Chase: Want another reading? 
NASA 1: Affirmative, he is south SW of Saltdale, 10 miles. 
Walker: Flying about 140 at the moment.
Chase: OK Joe. This cloud coverage here is scattered ......... 20 and 30,000. 
Walker: Coming up on 33,000 flying over top of .... tending to thicken out over there. 
NASA 1: Chase 4, he is about 3 miles north of Hiway 66, almost true north of NASA. 
Chase 4: OK, I've got him right now. I don't know if I'll have him in another minute or not. .
NASA 1: We have you about 4 miles out, Joe. 
Walker: Yep. 
Chase 4: I've lost you right now. 
Walker: OK, going in to right turn for a pattern. 300 knots. 
NASA 1: Joe, what's your pressurize tank handle position? 
Walker: OK, pressurize. OK, turn on base. Ready to jettison ventral. 
Chase: Hold about 2 seconds, go ahead. 
Walker: Drop. 
Chase: .......... 
Walker: Gear. 
Chase: Nose gear down ...... Beauty, Joe! 
Walker: Wahoooo! 
NASA 1: Complete post flight check off list and cycling of reaction control handle also. 
Walker: Oxygen 1200 lbs. 

#1 system 3200, Hyd. #2 3400. 

2 sources, #1 is 0 and #2 23, 2250. 

Bearing Temp 80. 

Hyd Temp, #1 +60, #2 +55. 

Peroxide Tank Press 600. 

Engine Helium source Press l00#.

#l l900, #2 l900. 

Cabin Source Press 1400. 

Heading is 200 ....... 

Inertial height climbing to 23,000 feet. 

Got a pretty good .......... on altitude, shutdown at peak on the flight - come out about what the radar said. 

Inertial Climb is 400' a sec. up. 

Total velocity is showing 600' a sec. 

Stable Platform off, going off with APU switches.