Flight No.: 2-15-29 Pilot: Maj. R. White (8-2)

Date: 4-21-61 Flight Time: 00:10:03.4

Launch Lake: Hidden Hills Landing Lake: Edwards

Launch Time: 10:05:17.0 Landing Time: 10:15:20.4

Aborts: None

B-52: 003 Capt. Allavie

Chase: F-100 Capt. Looney

F-104 Joe Walker

F-104 Capt. Rogers

F-104 Maj. Wood

Mmax: 4.62

Vmax: 4510

Hmax: 105,000

Qmax: 916

Engine No.: 108

Burn Time: 71.6 sec. (S.D.)

Thrust - %: 100%

Config.: Ventral on

Purpose: Velocity build-up, heating, stability and control, performance research

Results: Engine relite required, pitch damper dropout at shutdown - reengaged, cabin pressure rose to 46K ft.