Plane: X-15-2 Date: 3-30-61
Flight: 2-14-28 E.S.:  
Pilot: Joseph A. Walker Taxi:  
B-52: #008 T.O.:  
L/P: J. Russel Launch:  
NASA 1:   Land:  

9 minutes to launch
Walker: APU -65 and -45 on hydraulic temp, .......... #1 APU. 
NASA 1: You can leave data off on this, Joe. 
Walker: It's off. Engine start up to about 37, back to 33-1/2 #2. 
B-52: 8 minutes. 
Walker: OK, .......... reset generator, reset .......... 
NASA 1: What is your cabin altitude, Joe? 
Walker: It's holding only 40. It went down good and .......... back up there and we lost our LN2 apparently off this deal because mixing chambers quit, re-cycled that valve. 
B-52: 7 minutes. 
NASA 1: Hold about 30 seconds. 
Walker: Going ahead with the engine oscillograph and vibration ......... 
NASA 1: Cycle your pressure cooling lever, Joe. 
Walker: I re-cycled it about 5 times now. 
NASA 1: What do you read on helium source, Joe? 
Walker: Cabin source is 3600 and LOX source is 3500 and #1 & #2 is 3400. 
B-52: Just past 7 minutes, time to turn. 
Russel: Inertial system is in spec. 
Walker: We are going to have to stop right now and say, better go into your 10 minute circle from this point. 
NASA 1: That is correct, Joe. #008, begin 10 minute turn. 
B-52: Holding on, all set to go. 
Russel: Want me to hold on this X-15 power, Joe?
Walker: Yes, I think you better because I .......... my resuscitator down there at the .......... center point. I've worn out my fingers on this handle now, going to re-cycle the blowers, that's about all that's left. 
NASA 1: Joe, we would like to have mixing chamber and bearing chamber reading. 
Walker: Hanging on to 80 and 75 on bearings and I've got that mixing chamber to go back down again. We have our LN2 back on again. 
NASA 1: We would like to confirm that ram air door is in the closed position. 
Walker: Sure is, also want to verify that I did have the pressure cooling lever and blowers and LN2 position ON all during that time except when I was re-cycling .......... just crapped out by itself, I got it back again. 
NASA 1: How about your mixing chamber now, how about a reading? 
Walker: Roaring right down to about -70 #1 and -40 #2. 
B-52: Tracking 76 miles east and 56 miles north. 
Walker: OK, from what I can tell here, we're ready to pick up that 7 minute point . 
NASA 1: Correct, Joe. We have an indication that the mixing chambers stabilize, we'd like to get that reading, also cabin altitude. 
Walker: OK, I'm holding 35,000 cabin altitude and right around -30 to -40 on mixing. 
NASA 1: Looking good. Joe, we would like a hydraulic load check, at your convenience . 
Walker: OK, now that I cycled that control and flaps, I may be able to give it to them. OK, everything goes, hydraulic covers ....... 
NASA 1: 360. 
Walker: Flaps back up. 
NASA 1: 008, you can start turning now. 
Walker: And you can turn off the X- 15 power, Jack. 
Russel: OK, Joe, off. 
Walker: Fire extinguisher Automatic. Going to do the SAS check now. Set 4-4-8, yaw standby, test switch to monitor. 
NASA 1: Do you have line pressure recorders on?
Walker: That's affirmative and engine oscillograph. SAS switches are working ........... 
NASA 1: Start your turn in 30 seconds, Fitz. That will be your 7 minute point. 
B-52: .......... give 15 seconds to get over. 
Walker: Now my mixing chambers are running way up again. 
NASA 1: Russ, we would like a position callout at your convenience. 
Russel: 82 miles east, 36 miles north. 
B-52: 008 starting to turn. 
Walker: SAS is setting on 6-6-6 and stabilizer is set. 
NASA 1: How about your bearing temp? 
Walker: +100 and +75. 
NASA 1: And give us cabin pressure now. 
Walker: Holding at 35. 
Russel: .......... temp at 100°. 
NASA 1: Joe, give us a reading on mixing chambers, we're getting intermittent telemetering.
Walker: OK, -30 .......... on each one. Just came back down again. 
B-52: 6 minutes. 
Walker: I have SAS check set on 6-6-6. 
NASA 1: Like to verify fire ext. auto and platform to internal? 
Walker: Ext. fire automatic and on internal. 
NASA 1: 008, ease up on your turn just a little. 
B-52: 5 minutes. 
Walker: X-15 oxygen is about 1900 lbs. Cine camera pulse. 
Russel: Topoff is complete and shutoff. 
Walker: Cine camera pulse, ventral is still armed. 
NASA 1: Joe, give us your cabin pressure as an indicator. If it looks OK, we'll go. 
Walker: OK, it's hanging right on 35,000. 
NASA 1: And give us a horizontal stab position? 
Walker: Zero. 
B-52: 4 minutes, Joe. 
Walker: Tank pressurize, prime OFF. Ignition ready light. 
B-52: Showing prime. here, 10 seconds, igniter idle now, OK, launch light on. 
Walker: -35, -34-1/2. OK, jettison switches to jettison, tank handle on jettison position. 
Russel: Got all preheat? 
B-52: 2 minutes. 
Walker: Pressurize position, going off. How do you read X-15 radio? 
NASA 1: Read you 5 square, Joe. Course is looking good, Fitz. 
Walker: Check the ball nose and my velocity is about 900 .......... we are at 45,000 inertial altitude and our attitude .......... good. 
NASA 1: Give us a reading on cabin pressure. 
Walker: 25,000, mixing chambers are -40. Lox pump -3 .......... showing about 1-1/2° left sideslip here. 
B-52: Joe, I have 810 feet per second now. 
Walker: OK, I'm running at about 900 here. 
Russel: The system looks, tanks are oscillating. 
B-52: 1 minute. 
Walker: Data, calibrate. 
B-52: 30 seconds, Joe. 
Walker: Precool ......... 
NASA 1: Your ammonia tank pressure, Joe? 
Walker: It's OK. 
B-52: 20 seconds. 
Walker: Pump idle. 390 .......... Launch light here, 10 seconds, igniter idle now, .......... OK, launch light on. 
B-52: OK, 3, 2, 1 release. 
Walker: Yes, it's going. 
Chase: Joe, start turning, you're turning in. 
Walker: We got a shutdown, I didn't see any light on. 
Chase: Reset it, Joe. 
.......... : Going now, Joe. 
Walker: OK, you got the time, we're running 14 seconds. 
NASA 1: Your course is looking good. 40,000, 200 feet a second, Joe. Going up. Course is looking good. Coming up on 50 seconds, coming up on 60,000, 3000 feet a second, 60 seconds. Got it back .......... and you're looking good, Joe. Coming up on 70 seconds, at 90,000, your course is looking very good, Joe. Shutdown, Joe. 
Walker: BCS is ON. 
NASA 1: You're just a little to the right of course, looking good. 
Walker: OK, .......... over on the side stick. 
NASA 1: OK, just a little stingy on your ballistic controls. Little bit to the right, about 3 miles. Altitude is looking good and you're getting it, little bit to the right. 
Walker: Can't get anything back and forth for awhile. 
NASA 1: I'm just notifying you about 8 miles to the right. 
Walker: .......... nice dark blue over here, I do have time to look around. 
NASA 1: That's "Daddy Bikle" in the glider about 10,000 feet above you. 165. 
Walker: Too bad that we've got too much cloud cover now, really look around. Speed brakes open. 
NASA 1: Speed brakes, ballistic controls, when you have a chance. Your course is looking good, Joe. When you can, come a little to the left. 
Walker: .......... I got the field in sight. 
NASA 1: Coming back down to 160,000 and it's looking good. 
Walker: Set down for 15° a
NASA 1: Dive brakes at your convenience.
Walker: .......... 
NASA 1: Holding 40,000. Bring her around when you can. To the left, Joe. Now you're in very good shape, Joe, you'll have excess energy on the "g" when you get back over, that's OK, coming out to 120,000 runs have been 10,000. 
Walker: 600 cabin. Heavens, sure shaking to pieces here! 
NASA 1: 90,000, how's that buffet? 70,000, Joe, how do you read NASA l? 
Walker: Reading you all right. 
NASA 1: 60,000 and a left turn. We have you and you're coming down in speed nicely. You're leveling out around 53, Joe. You're in very good shape, how do you read now? 
Walker: Weeeee! Can't do my maneuvers on this speed, I had a terrific vibration. 
NASA 1: Dive brakes, Joe. 
Walker: They're closed. 
NASA 1: BCS off? 
Walker: Off. 
NASA 1: Coming down on speed very nicely. 
Walker: I can give you a prime any time you want it. 
NASA 1: Roger, 50,000. 
Walker: Coming jettison, not prime. 
NASA 1: Hold your jettison until the chase asks for it, Joe, they are closing in on you. 
Walker: OK, we got one color ......... 
Chase: I got you, Joe, go ahead, hold your jettison just a minute and I'll swing around and get behind you. 
Walker: OK. 
NASA 1: Push your reset, Joe. We have you just northwest of Mojave, coming in nicely, you're fast, 45,000. 
Walker: Jettisoning out on ........ 
NASA 1: Understand speed brakes are closed and side arm and pitch pulse at your convenience. 
Chase: OK, Joe, finish jettisoning now. 
Walker: OK, jettison. 
NASA 1: We have you about 1000 feet a second, Joe, at 40,000 going subsonic. 
Walker: OK, back on center stick and go ahead with the glide space. 
NASA 1: You're right over Mojave at 38,000 at the present time. Joe, you can turn data off when you finish your maneuvers, we like to get the landing over. 
Walker: OK, data off. 
NASA 1: 35,000. 
Walker: Reading 32,000. 
NASA 1: About right, Joe. Was that inertial altitude you were reading, Joe? 
Walker: That there is pressure altitude. 
NASA 1: Old reliable, huh? 
Walker: Incidentally I leveled off by my altimeter 100,000 on inertial going up there, worked out pretty good. .......... 
NASA 1: Shut H202 jettison off, Joe. 
Walker: Coming off. 
Chase: Completed jettisoning. 
Walker: OK, end of pressurize .......... 
NASA 1: Joe, we liked to verify SAS 6-6-6. 
Walker: I turned it to 4-6-8 now and that vibration I was hunting around to try and find what the problem was. 
NASA 1: Joe, like to verify dive brakes then? 
Walker: They are in. 
Chase: Let me know when you're on brakes, Joe. 
Chase: .......... downwind .......... 5000. 
Walker: OK .......... 
Chase: Have 280, Joe. 
Walker: OK, I'm going to let the ventral go now. 
NASA 1: Data on anytime.
Chase: It's free, Joe. 
Walker: OK, data on, flaps. 
Chase: Looks OK. 
Walker: Gear. 
Chase: .......... looks good .......... Looks good, Joe. 
NASA 1: Very nice show, Joe. 
Walker: Thank you. 
  After landing check:

Source pressure on APU +1 is 2110, #2 is 2400. 

Tank pressures are both -60. 

Hydraulic pressures are both 3200 for #1 and 3350 for #2. 

Bearing temperature #1 is 80 and #2 is 60. 

No low lights, we really went ......... 

Mixing chambers are running -30 each. 

Engine helium is flat. 

#1 and #2 sources 600. 

Cabin source is 1900. 

We shutoff oxygen on breathing at about 800 Ibs there. 

Ball heading 182. 

Inertial height is 39,000. 

Total velocity says 3900. 

Stable platform going off.

Closing the speed brakes. 

APU switches off.