Plane: X-15-2 Date: 3-31-60
Flight: 2-8-16 E.S.:  
Pilot: Scott Crossfield Taxi:  
B-52: #008 T.O.:  
L/P:   Launch:  
NA:   Land:  

Chase: Looks good. 
Scott: I'm all in business and coming level with a little buffet at 41,000 - speed .......... pitch pull - 
Chase: Everything looks good, Scott. 
Scott: Roger - thank you - better cross the board - 
NA: Just a hair right if you want to make up that long run - 
Scott: Roger - am I on right, or do you want me to go right? 
NA: Just a hair right. 
Scott: I'm 45 and another pitch pulse. 1.5 - pushing over - 50, pitch pulse - ON, starting a left turn. 
NA: Roger. 
Scott: .......... 3 g .......... about 48,500 on that, speed's off .......... about 15. 
NA: Final pullout, 440 yaw off. 
Scott: 48, very rapid marginal rolling - speed-holding it, climbing at 42, enter the turn - what's the matter, you guys, couldn't get that maneuver without SAS fitting? 
NA: 440 - yaw off. 
Scott: Roger - pitch pulse - this one didn't count, 300 knots, going to 3 cycles - going down - 250 - pulse down - ........... Really kills some altitude here. 
Chase: Jettison - 
Scott: I've jettisoned - altimeter setting please - 
Ground: Altimeter setting 30.16 - winds now are west at 3 MPH - they have come in as much as 10. 
Scott: Got you - damper ON - ventral's ON -.......... jettisoning.
NA: .......... 
Scott: .......... on down wind. 
NA: Tank pressurize - I didn't hear you, Scotty. 
Scott: Tank to pressurize you know I didn't even have it on my list here, Buddy! OK, SAS off for evaluation - sign off for down wind. 
NA: Any instrumentation? 
Scott: Instrumentation is on, QC - I find it a little spongy in this configuration - calibrate - ventral .......... flaps .......... and gear .......... 
NA: Real good, Scott, will you calibrate the instrumentation after your roll out please and turn the data switch off? 
Scott: Sure will, Buddy, and I goofed on the rudder direction. 
NA: OK, no sweat - calibrate the instrumentation - turn the data switch off after you stop.