Plane: X-15-2 Date: 3-29-60
Flight: 2-7-15 E.S.:  
Pilot: Scott Crossfield Taxi:  
B-52: #008 T.O.:  
L/P:   Launch:  
NASA 1:   Land:  

Scott: Everything going?
Chase: Roger, I see all 8.
Scott: Level at 41, sas off, rudder kick. Sas .......... to the left on. 
Chase: You got just a little bit. 
Scott: Thank you. Looks real good across the board, CQ. 
Chase: Rog. Thank you. 
Scott: Coming up on 45, sas off, rudder kick. Ron wanted to know if you got a control vibration, you do with it. With yaw off - 4424. 
Chase: Just got out of south track. 
Scott: I've got 49,500, left turn, 3 "g's, 64, 3 "g's", release. I got that at about 48,000, losing altitude a little bit, gaining speed. 
Chase: Rog. 
Scott: 4048 with the yaw off, you can see that rolling, very light steady rolling, got the Q holding. 
Chase: Rog. 
Scott: Steady rolling all the way. Are you getting far out, QC? 
Chase: Yes, you should start a turn now. 
Scott: Rog. Push over subsonic. Going to jettison. 
Chase: Jettisoning now? 
Scott: Roger. 
Chase: Rog. 
Scott: I can get up to g's a little faster than you like to see it. 
Chase: OK. 
Scott: Turn out at 10%, prime off, prime back on. 
Chase: Rog. 
Scott: OK, 250 was the first point, right? 
Chase: Affirmative . 
Scott: Sas off. 
Chase: Right.
Scott: Pitch, pitch pulse, null left then sharp right. That's about 230 on the speed. 
Chase: Rog, next point. 
Scott: Then we go on to 300, is it? 
Chase: 230. 
Scott: 230, roger. OK, that roll doesn't count, 230 yaw pulse, pitch pulse, left and right roll ....... 
Chase: Jettison completed. 
Scott: Thank you, pressure's on. 
Tower: Winds are 4 miles ph from the east. 
Scott: Thank you, Sam. Just found myself. 
Chase: .......... check on ventral arm. 
Scott: Ventral is armed. 
Chase: Pressurize tanks. 
Scott: Pressurizing the tanks, going to, instrumentation coming out. 
Chase: Atta boy. 
Scott: Altimeter setting, please. 
Tower: Altimeter is 30.20.
Scott: Roger, calibrate? 
Chase: Roger, calibrate. 
Scott: Put the ventral right on the end of the runway there. 
Chase: .......... 
Scott: Flaps.
Chase: Looks good. Beauty.
Scott: Thanks a lot, Buddy. See you later.