Plane: X-15-2 Date: 11-5-59
Flight: 2-4-9 E.S.:  
Pilot: Scott Crossfield Taxi:  
B-52: #003 T.O.:  
L/P:   Launch: 0939
NASA 1:   Land: 0945

Chases: Baker


Walker (Replaced by another chase)

Drop 9:39 over Rosamond
Chase: Got a little blowout in back, and fire, Scott - like shutdown. 
Crossfield: Got a fire warning. How much fire have I got? 
Chase: Doesn't look like too much. A little back by the rear of the engine. 
Crossfield: Prime off. Going to jettison. 
Chase: I don't see fire now. 
Crossfield: Am I jettisoning? 
Chase: You are jettisoning. 
Crossfield: Going to land on Rosamond. 
Chase: You have plenty of room. We're at 32,000. Still jettisoning. See no indication of fire. 
Crossfield: Felt the explosion incidentally, whatever it was. Good indication on hydraulics. I have good control. Lost the roll damper on launch. I still have a fire warning light. Fire warning light just went out. 
Chase: We're at 27,000. Jettison is still full blast. Sam, are the lake winds the same? 
Crossfield: When I hit the center of Rosamond, I'm going to make roughly a 360, land to the east on Rosamond. 
Chase: Still jettisoning. We're almost to the east edge now. 25,000 
Crossfield: Almost where? 
Chase: Pardon me - to the edge of the lake. 
Crossfield: To the edge of Rosamond? 
Chase: Right. The first edge you would hit. 
Crossfield: Lost the roll damper again. When I put a little roll in I lost it! 
Chase: You're still jettisoning, but it's showing signs of giving out. 
Crossfield: Where did this fire come from - the bottom, the top or out of barrel?
Chase: This was at the bottom engine - now 21,000 and we're not quite over the edge of Rosamond - you can make it all right - just remember the wind is going to blow you away. up. Is he OK, Bob? Yes, looks OK. Nothing going on
Crossfield: OK, Buddy. I'm sorry I'm going to miss those couple of data points coming in here, Johnson. 
Chase: OK, I think you can turn now, Scott, on your high key. 
Crossfield: I'm crossing at 270. See that road down there. That's where I want to come in. That I think is about the best part of the Lake. Looks like somebody has been working on it, doesn't it? 
Chase: OK, your jettison is just about complete, Scott. 
Crossfield: I'll be heavy this time, so I may make just a little faster descent than we're used to. 
Chase: OK, don't forget to arm your ventral 
Crossfield: Ventral is armed. 
Chase: OK, cut your tanks. 
Crossfield: Tanks are going to pressurize. All through jettisoning. Sources are off. 
Chase: We're now at 12,000 feet. Come on around. 250 indicated. Now coming at 9000. Remind you of the ventral. Passing 6000. Scott, as far as I am concerned, I think we can safely jettison the ventral any time now. 
Crossfield: Ventral coming off now. 
Chase: .......... switch. 
Crossfield: Ventral off. 
Chase: It's off. The ventral is off. 
Crossfield: Roger. Here come the flaps. 
Chase: .......... Main gear, nose gear 30, 20, 10, 5. Think we got a structural bend behind the cockpit. Scott, you seem to be rolling true. QC, he is in the middle of the dry lake at Rosamond. 
Q.C.: Any problems? 
Chase: Stand by, we'll check for you, QC. The helicopter is about to pick him up. 
Q.C.: Is he OK, Bob? 
Chase: Yes, looks OK. Nothing going on. 
Q.C.: What happened behind the cockpit? 
Chase: .......... He has opened the canopy. 
Q.C.: Roger. The airplane still intact there?

Discussion re Scott opening the canopy and says he looks OK.