Flight No.: 2-3-9 Pilot: Scott Crossfield (4-3)

Date: 11-5-59 Flight Time: 00:05:28.0

Launch Lake: Rosamond Landing Lake: Rosamond

Launch Time: 09:39:28.0 Landing Time: 09:44:56.0

Aborts: 2-A-7 10-22-59 Pilot's oxygen
2-A-8 10-31-59 Weather

B-52: 003 Capt. Allavie

Chase: F-100 Bob Baker (NAA)

F-104 Maj. White

F-104 Joe Walker

Mmax: 1.00

Vmax: 968

Hmax: 45,500

Qmax: ?

Engine No.: XLR-11 (2)

Burn Time: 2.0 to 11.7 sec. (S.D.)

Thrust - %: 7 chambers

Config.: Ventral on, XLR-11 engine (2), nose boom

Purpose: Aircraft checkout

Results: Explosion and fire in lower engine, Rosamond landing. Roll damper dropped out at launch. Fuselage failed at landing, just forward of LOX tank.