Plane: X-15-2 Date: 10/17/59
Flight: 2-2-6 E.S.:  
Pilot: Scott Crossfield Taxi:  
B-52: #003 T.O.:  
L/P:   Launch:  
NASA 1:   Land:  

Crossfield: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, away.
Chase: OK, I see pullup.
Crossfield: Roll damper. Going uphill. Got the roll damper back. Supersonic. OK, I found my place. A 240, pitch off. 
Chase: A little left of course.
Crossfield: Left roll again. .......... Yaw damper off. Yaw pulse. I'm going to make these very gentle. Going up to 40,000 ft. Little bit slow. Going up to 1.8g if I can get it. Yaw. Just about pushing over on 55. Lost my place again. Yaw pulse. Roll pulse. .......... Leaving it there, no sense in doing it.
NASA 1: Make your turn please. 
Crossfield: Sensitive to roll. Going to center stick. 2 g turn with side slip. ..... Losing altitude, I'll climb back up. Speed is a little low. OK, I've got about 20° more to turn. I'm showing about 40% on fuel. Starting to climb. In the climb build a yaw. See if I get on the line again. ... Yaw kick. Another one.
NASA 1: Left turn now, Scott..
Crossfield: Left slip. Still got a couple of barrels going. Lost .......... Yaw kick .... Roll pulse ... 50,000 feet. Going subsonic. Going to jettison. Got about 1700 Ibs of source, indicating about 8% on the fuel. Prime is still on. Can't do the roll so I'll just give you pulses. 270. Yaw pulse. There goes my chase right across my bow. Side slip. About 12°. Roll pulse. I'm a little fast. Pitch off. Pitch pulse. Yaw. Yaw pulse. Yaw back on. I'm not going to try to reengage that. Go to center stick for the landing. Alternate trim.
NASA 1: 30,000 ft., Scott.
Crossfield: Will you give me the lake winds, please?
NASA 1: Affirmative, 30. 1.
Crossfield: Thank you. Temperatures are 130° and 30° on .......... 
NASA 1: Reminder on the ventral arm and the tank pressurization, please.
Crossfield: What about pressurization?
NASA 1: You wanted a reminder.
Crossfield: Going to land long this trip, Buddy.
NASA 1: OK, that's fine.
Crossfield: Little buffet at 2 g's. 240 kts., 13,000 indicated. Going to land long on the north-south runway. I'm going to take this speed back a little so I'll get a little more L/D out of it.
NASA 1: Reminder on the ventral, please.
Crossfield: Going back to pressurize on the tank. Coming up on 10.000 . There's an airplane down there on the lake. 5000 indicated. LOX starting up now. LOX started - very slow. Dive brakes coming closed. Flaps coming up.
NASA 1: Looks good.
Crossfield: Yes, I think so. Little bit harder than I would have liked to have seen it.
NASA 1: Ram air door open, Scott.
Crossfield: Ram air door open.
NASA 1: Open the canopy, Scott.
Crossfield: Yes, I'll open it in just a minute.