Plane: X-15-1 Date: October 17, 1961
Flight: 1-24-40 Takeoff: 1001
Pilot: Joe Walker Launch: 1057
B-52 #003 Land: 1108
    Total: :11
    B-52 Land: 1230

16 minutes to launch
B-52: 16 minutes, I missed 17. 
Walker: We're at +12 on the LOX pump bearing. Ball nose switch on and we have ......... 
Butch: Lube oil temp still holding about 105. 
B-52: 15 minutes. B-52 launch pressure checks OK. 
Walker: Face plate heat off. And I have already had agreement if the lake winds don't pick up, why we won't get any difference. 
NASA 2: Joe, are you showing anything on APU tank pressures? 
Walker: Something on the order 10-15 ....... 
NASA 2: Joe, Mud Lake winds are calm, altimeter is 3006. Ballarat is calm, altimeter 2985 and I don't have the Grapevine winds.
Butch: I'm showing about 790 feet per/sec on the doppler in the sub zero drift. 
Walker: I'm reading 945 .......... 5 by O inertial. 
B-52: 13 minutes. 
Walker: Both BCS switches on. OK, tank pressures are 550. Get anything out of the roll ..........? 
B-52: Roger, looks good. 
Walker: OK #l off. 
B-52: OK looks good all over. 
Walker: #l on, #2 off. 
B-52: Rog looks good. 
Walker: Both BCS on. Precool off. 
B-52: 11 minutes. 
Butch: In manual topoff. 
NASA 1: ADF Approach Control, 10 minutes to launch. 
ADF A/C: 10 minutes, Roger. 
B-52: 10 minutes. 
Walker: APU cooling switch normal. Blowers and LN2. Pressure cooling on. Showing 356, 850, 455, & O vertical. 
B-52: B-52 mag heading 355. 
Walker: Cabin source 3500. 
Butch: LN2 switches off, Joe? 
B-52: 9 minutes.
Walker: Roger, turn them off, Butch. OK, 9 minutes. Helium shutoff valve switch open. And we are -80 and -60. #2 APU coming on, now #l. 
B-52: 8 minutes. 
NASA 2: Start the turn right at 7 minutes. 
B-52: Roger, 7 minutes, we'll turn. 
Walker: OK we're reading that master. Engine reset and generators are reset. Hydraulic pressure check OK and I'd like to go to 200. Data off. 
Butch: ..........
Walker: Both heaters off. 
Butch: Heat off. 
B-52: Joe, you want a drop on the original brief heading, is that affirmative? 
Walker: Joe, if you keep on hearing anything -- just wanted to make sure what my direction was. Engine oscillograph on. 
B-52: 7 minutes, starting turn. 
Walker: Vibration recorder on. Auxiliary cabin pressure switch on. Internal on the stable platform. Fire extinguisher auto. Going ahead with the SAS check. Gains are triple 4. Yaw engaged. Yar standby. 
Butch: Platform was in spec before we started the turn there. 
Walker: OK, SAS check complete and set 8-6-8. 
B-52: Trim looks good on the left, I'll check it on the right in a minute. 6 minutes, 10 seconds ago, verify please. 
Walker: Roger. 
NASA 2: Give us an alpha readout, Joe. 
Walker: I'm reading about 3° ........... 
..........: .......... under control now, Joe, launch green light. 
Walker: Whoever that is, I can't hardly read them. 
Chase: Are you moving the control, I do get a very slight oscillation. 
Walker: No, I'm not and there's a very mild - Hey! what are you doing, stalling the B-52? 
B-52: No, its -- 5 minute point Joe, -- that's air turbulence. is what it is. 
Walker: OK. Very slow freak on that control. 
B-52: We're getting an oscillation in the tail, about a 1 second period and about 1/2 inch ± in amplitude. 
Walker: Getting so the #l system is little jitter of 10 pounds of that frequency.
B-52: That frequency you were talking about Bob was commencing west of the turbulence we got into back there. Let's see if it continues after we pull out of it here. 
Chase: Yea, hold on. 
Walker: Flying it on hydraulic pressure. X-15 oxygen at 2000 pounds. Head bumper down and we're at 3500 cabin altitude. Cine camera pulse
..........: .......... setting at O trim. 
B-52: 4 minutes. 
Walker: Ventral is armed. 
..........: .......... ready Joe. 
B-52: Did you get the 4 minute call, Joe? 
Walker: Yes, is the topoff complete? 
B-52: Yes it is. 
Walker: OK, tank handle to pressurize. 
B-52: OK Bob, its pretty smooth now, is that still jittering? 
Chase: Just started again. 
Walker: OK, I got a hold of it ..........was some of that. 3 jettison switches to jettison. Jettison select. 
Chase: All 3. 
Walker: And pressurize. Data going off. I'm on lower antenna, how do you check NASA 2? 
NASA 2: Loud and clear, how us? 
B-52: 3 minutes. 
Walker: Roger, 3 minutes and we're about 850, 0 vertical and showing 48,000 . 
NASA 2: How about the ball? 
Walker: Ball nose test, looks pretty good. We're showing about 1-1/2° right sideslip and +2-1/2 alpha. 
B-52: 2 minutes. 
Walker: Rog, 2 minutes. We're at 105 and 100 bearings. Data. 
Butch: Doppler in spec and a speed still about 790. 
B-52: 1 minute, arm switch on light check. 
Walker: Prime and igniter ready light. 
B-52: Have prime? 
Walker: Roger, I have prime. 
B-52: 50 seconds. 
Walker: 40 seconds, precool and igniter.
B-52: See precool? 
Walker: About +6 LOX pump bearing. Idle. OK, ready to launch, 3, 2, 1 
Chase: Light, looks good. 
NASA 2: OK, turn about 3° left, Joe. 
Walker: Roger, I say again, looks like ..........
NASA 2: 30 seconds, course is good, 37, 38, 39 pushover. Your flight path and course look good. Passing 70,000 now. Course is good. Drifting slightly low on flight path at 80,000. 
Chase: Slightly low on glide path at 80,000, Joe. 
Walker: I got it. 
NASA 2: 68, 69, speed brakes. Continuing drifting low at 95,000 now. 79, 80. We have you going through 102,000 slightly low on flight path, course is good. Coming level now at 109,000. 
Chase: Coming level at 109,000. 
Walker: Right and going to alpha with the dampers on for a kick. 
NASA 2: Roger, your course is good now and you're starting lo descend slightly at 108,000. 
Walker: OK, I can read him real good, Jack. Can't let go of the stick today on account of my lateral out of trim. 
NASA 2: You're descending through 100,000 now. You are high on energy. Check your speed brakes out. 
Walker: Yep, they are still out. I'm going to jump down and turn off the SAS again. 
NASA 2: OK. 
Walker: Right, coming back. It's a little difficult on that first one to do well because the pitch -- Golly! I agree today that this vibration, that I get is due to the rear end jiggling around with the SAS off. 
NASA 2: You're descending through 78,000 feet and accelerating through 2900 feet per/sec. 
Walker: OK. 
NASA 2: Plenty of energy. 
Walker: I'm taking a look to see where we are. 
NASA 1: We will take control, the lake should be about 11:00, Joe. 
Walker: I got it. 
NASA 1: Good boy, we're using Beatty Radar so we might lose you when we get down a little bit lower. 
Walker: OK. I got somebody's contrail trailing right straight ahead of me, I'm aiming at him. 
Chase 4: That's probably me, I don't have you yet. 
NASA 1: OK, you can get the brakes in, Joe. 
Walker: OK, coming in. 
NASA 1: OK, we got 2000 feet per/sec going through 60,000 feet and you're just about on the course. 
Walker: Yep, I'm veering a little bit toward the left now ..........52,000. 
NASA 1: Roger. We read 55 on radar.
Walker: And about 1.6. 
NASA 1: Roger we concur. Getting to the lake now 150. 
Walker: Sorry I did that low dip on that profile, everything else I was doing was fine. 
NASA 1: Looks good, Joe. 
Walker: I overshot .......... so I'm trying to compensate.
Chase 4: What's your altitude?
Walker: I'm dropping through 43 000 about 1.1, I'm going down through .......... cloud up northwest of the lake. 
Chase 4: Roger, must be in front, I don't have you yet. 
Walker: You just call out when you wish the jettison. 
Chase 4: Go ahead now, I'll try to pick you up.
Walker: OK, Jettison. 
NASA 1: You're about 15 miles out, Joe, you better hold it up a little. 
Walker: Yep. 
Chase 4: Tell me now when you go down these these clouds, Joe. 
Walker: Rog. Peroxide has stopped jettisoned.
Chase: .......... the base is pretty well clobbered in now. 
NASA 1: Check speed brakes in, Joe, we indicate they're closed on telemetry.
Walker: Yep they are in. 30,000. 
NASA 1: Rog, we show 32 on the radar. And you're about 9 miles from high key. Got good visibility now, Joe? 
Walker: Yes, I'm below the cloud now at 26,000 at NASA.
Chase: Joe, have you jettisoned all out? 
Walker: OK, I'm waiting to go to pressurize. I'm coming up west shore of the lake about over NASA, 20,000. OK going to pressurize. Turning on downwind and on around for low key. Ventral coming off. Flaps, gear. 
Chase: Real good, Joe, well done! 
Walker: Oxygen off at 900 pounds. Flaps coming up, they're up. Cycling controls. push to test. OK, data off. And we seem to be OK on Hydraulic pressure, no low lights. Bearing temps about 80 and 85 #l and #2. Tank pressures 550 engine helium source, I take it, that's the LOX source 0. #1 and #2 is 2000. APU #1 450........ Cabin source is ......... Inertial ....... and 8000 feet. They desire speed brakes left out, turning off the stable platform, APU's off.