Flight No.: 1-24-40 Pilot: Joe Walker (9-6)

Date: 10-17-61 Flight Time: 00:10:11.7

Launch Lake: Mud Landing Lake: Edwards

Launch Time: 10:57:33.0 Landing Time: 11:07:44.7


Aborts: None

B-52: 003 Maj. Allavie

Sq.Ldr. Archer

Chase: F-100 Maj. White

F-104 Jack McKay

F-104 Maj. Daniels

F-104 Capt. Knight

Mmax: 5.74

Vmax: 5720

Hmax: 108,600

Qmax: 772

Engine No.: 103

Burn Time: 84.6 sec. (S.D.)

Thrust - %: 75 and 100%

Config.: Ventral on

Purpose: Velocity buildup, heating, stability and control

Results: Laterally out of trim to the right.