Plane: X-15-1 Date: 10/4/61
Flight: 1-23-39 Takeoff: 10:00
Pilot: Major Rushworth Launch: 10:40
B-52: #003 Land: 10:49
    Total: :09
    B-52 Land: 11:10

17 Minutes to Launch
Rushworth: LOX pump bearing temp 12°. Precool switch going off. Am on lower antenna, how do you read, Pete? 
NASA 1: Read you loud and clear, Bob, on lower antenna. Incidentally, we will wish to remain on lower antenna for the entire flight. 
Rushworth: Roger, remember. 
Russell: Lube oil temp 120°. Doppler is normal. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Russell: How do you read me now, Pete?
NASA 1: Loud and clear, Bob. 
Rushworth: Thank you, going back to interphone. 
B-52: 45,000 feet accelerating. 
Russell: Inertial system tracking 43,700 altitude. 
Rushworth: Ball nose switch is on. 
C-130: Passing through 13, coming up on Camp Irwin. 
Rushworth: .......... angle of attack and sideslip, needle has pulled over to the left. 
NASA 1: 11-4-11 
B-52: 15 minutes, 7 seconds ago. 
Rushworth: Precool switch is going on. Launch lake winds, I have. Starting in for the APU- APU cooling switch is on and off. Blowers and LN2 on. Cooling pressure going on. Inertial speed is reading 600, height 45,000. Attitude looks good and the needle is still full over to the left. 
NASA 1: Russell, verify stable platform cooling off. 
Russell: Roger, off. 
B-52: Just past 14 minutes, 10 seconds ago. 
Rushworth: My cabin source is 3500. I'm ready to get into APU's if you want to get them early. 
NASA 1: OK. 
Rushworth: Helium shutoff switch open. Data on and #2 APU coming on now. Temp check, left -60 and right -50.
NASA 1: Roger.
B-52: 13 minutes. 
Rushworth: APU came up real good #l APU, I think, overshot, try again, coming on down now - A-l. Electric power on, low heat sign. Still have a little fluctuation, I think that was all, started after I put the cameras heads on. Fluctuation is hydraulic pressure.
B-52: 12 minutes. 
Rushworth: Engine reset. Hydraulic pressures ranging 34 on both sides. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Rushworth: .......... going off. 
Russell: Bob, what did you say your inertial speed was? 
Rushworth: Now about 640. 
Russell: 795 here. 
Rushworth: About 100 feet a second off on your tracking. 
Russell: Roger. 
B-52: 11 minutes. 
Russell: NASA 1, standby for mark on range, cross-range readings. 
NASA 1: Standing by. Precool off, Bob at 11 minutes? 
Rushworth: Roger, precool is off. 
Russell: Mark, NASA 1. 
NASA 1: Roger, mark. 
Russell: NASA 1, 89.8 miles east, 61.5 north. 
B-52: 10 minutes. Get the 10 minute call, NASA l? 
NASA 1: Affirmative ,Jack. Bob, our telemetry on APU tank pressures is apparently no good, will you take over? 
Rushworth: APU tank pressures - I'm reading 550 on both, 560 on both. 
B-52: 9 minutes. 
Russell: I see what appears to be just a tiny oscillation, very light. 
NASA 1: Understand a very oscillation, we concur on telemetry. 
Rushworth: We go from .......... here, this hydraulic fluctuation as it stands. 
..........: .......... 33,000. 
Russell: Nothing visible on the leading edge from the booster. 
Chase 1: Steady as a rock, it looks like. 
Russell: OK, starting control motions here. 
B-52: Course is looking normal and she's just a hair off trim. Roger right there. 
Rushworth: Roger. 
NASA 1: Bob, looks good. 
Rushworth: I'll start that and get it out of the way. 
B-52: 8 minutes. 
NASA 1: Roger, 8 minutes, looks good, Bob, let's go! 
Russell: OK, oscillograph is on, recorders on. 
NASA 1: Jack, start your turn right at 7. 
B-52: Start turn at 7, thank you. 
NASA 1: Russell, we want to go to memory switch, to force memory at the 7 minute point, platform erection. 
Russell: It's starting to move a little now, getting a little turbulence here. 
B-52: Danny, I'll shake the 52 launch fueling and see if that makes it move, OK? 
Chase: Its moving a little bit now. 
B-52: Now what's it doing?
Chase: Roger, when you shake the 52, it really goes up and down. 
B-52: Did you get that, NASA 1 and Bob, and we're 5 seconds from turn. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
B-52: 7 minutes, turning and verify, Bob. 
Rushworth: 7 minutes. Jack, turn power off, I'm ready to go internal. 
Russell: Power is off, Bob. 
NASA 1: Russell, did you get what to go to at 7 minutes? 
Russell: Say again, I cut you off. 
NASA 1: Russell, we want to go forced memory and platform erection at 7 minutes. 
Russell: Roger. Inertial system is in specs. 
Rushworth: The SAS check is completed. Yar is off. 8-4-4 set. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Rushworth: Did you call 6 minutes, Jack? 
B-52: 6 minutes right now, Bob. 
Russell: Lube oil temp 130. 
NASA 1: 130, Roger. 
B-52: B-52 position looks better today too. 
NASA 1: Bob, check fire extinguisher auto. 
Rushworth: Affirmative, it's on auto, Pete. 
B-52: 5 minutes, Bob. 
Rushworth: Understand, 5 minutes.
Russell: ........ Topoff is complete. 
Rushworth: I'm on X-15 oxygen, supply is about 2000 pounds. Cabin altitude 35. Ventral is down. Cine camera on pulse. 
NASA 1: Bob, telemetry indicates we're still OK as far as that stabilizer is concerned. 
B-52: 4 minutes. 
Rushworth: The hydraulic system settled down real good right now and the new pressure prime 560. Did you say 4 minutes yet? 4 minutes, understand, verify topoff?
Russell: Topoff is complete. 
Rushworth: Data on, pressurize. Tank pressures are up. 3 main switches to jettison, going to jettison. 
B-52: 3 minutes. 
Rushworth: I'm back to pressurize and at 3 minutes, data is off.
B-52: Jettison ceased. 
Rushworth: Intercom switch is off, Pete. 
NASA 1:: Roger, read you loud and clear. 
B-52: Bob, read you OK. NASA 1, Rushworth wants to know how you read him? 
NASA 1: Read him loud and clear, how do you read me, Jack? 
B-52: Loud and clear. 
Rushworth: Inertial velocity 600. Altitude 4900.
Russell: B-52 velocity 716. 
Rushworth: OK, about 700 right now. 
Russell: System in specs. 
B-52: 2 minutes. 
Rushworth: Understand 2 minutes, Jack. Push to test on the ball nose. APU bearing temp left to 100, right 60. Data coming on now. 
B-52: 1 minute, master arming switch on. System arm light check. 
Rushworth: 1 minute on the prime. 
B-52: Roger prime. 
Rushworth: Precool coming on now. Got an indication ready light is on. LOX bearing at 8°. Have good tank pressures and good pump inlet pressure. Launch light control is on now. 
Russell: ....... ammonia temp -45. 
Rushworth: Pump idle 350. Igniter idle is on. Roger, chamber pressures. Launch light is on. 3, 2, 1 launch. 
Chase: Good light. 
Rushworth: Forming ....... 
Chase: Real good light, Bob. 
Rushworth: Everything looks good in here, Pete. 
NASA 1: Course looks good, are you still up to 75%? 
Rushworth: Affirmative. 
NASA 1: OK, you're coming through 50,000 feet now, Bob, course looks good. 
Rushworth: Cabin pressure is good. 
NASA 1: And course still looks good, Bob. 60, 61, 62 pushover, speed brakes. Course looks fine and you're exactly on profile. 
Rushworth: Did I go up? 
NASA 1: Roger, 81, 82, 83, coming just a little bit low now, Bob. 94, 95, 96. 
Rushworth: OK, my clock didn't go off. 
NASA 1: Roger, I'll give you your time. You're descending at a 107, 108, 109, 110. About 75,000 feet. 18, 19, 20, shutoff. 
Rushworth: Just shutdown. 
NASA 1: Roger, we observed a shutdown. You're about 4 miles to the right of course. 
Rushworth: OK. 
NASA 1: And you're about 72,000 feet, little bit low. Holding now about 3600 feet per/sec, coming down hill now. 
Rushworth: OK Pete. 
NASA 1: I'm reading 70,000 now, you're just a little to right of course. OK. I'm reading 3000 feet per/sec now at 70,000 feet, you're coming back up. Course is OK. 
Rushworth: OK. I've got buffet at 11° and stopped there. 
NASA 1: Roger. You're over the north end of Cuddeback Lake, about 73,000 feet steady and speed is 2200 feet per/sec. Let's get the speed brakes in. 
Rushworth: OK. 
NASA 1: And you can start your left turn. 
Rushworth: Thanks, left turn. 
NASA 1: Roger, you're now at 68,000 feet. 
Rushworth: Thanks. Roll dampers on. 
NASA 1: Roll dampers on. You can turn your hydrogen peroxide jettison off anytime you wish. 
Rushworth: Roger, off. 
NASA 1: I'm reading 2000 feet per/sec 55,000 feet. You can come on left. 
Rushworth: Roger. I'm 45,000 feet right now, what have you got? 
NASA 1: I'm reading 5000. 
Rushworth: Correction, say again please? 
NASA 1: Sorry, 50,000. 
Rushworth: OK. Ready to go to jettison anytime you're ready, Bob. I'm about 5 miles north. 
Chase: I'm still quite a ways out Bob, but I'll give you a call when ...... if you have to. 
Rushworth: OK, I can hold it. 
NASA 1: You've got about 1200 feet per/sec now, Bob, about 48,000 feet. 
Rushworth: OK, I have 43. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Chase: Which way you heading, Bob? 
Rushworth: I'm heading south right now, Bob. 
Chase: OK. 
Rushworth: I'll come in right over main base runway. OK, I 'm sub sonic now, I'm going to push over Boron. I'm reading 36,000 Bob and just about due over Main Base. 
Chase: OK, you can go ahead and jettison now. 
Rushworth: Going to jettison. 
Chase: No, not yet Boy! 
Rushworth: Seem to get a little bit of directional oscillation ..... jettison. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Chase: OK, I see you, Bob, I can 't see your jettison, you can go on a little ways. 
Rushworth: OK. 
Chase: OK, you're turning to the east now? 
Rushworth: Affirmative and I'll be on downwind in just a little bit. 
Chase: OK. 
Rushworth: I'm indicating going through 25,000 right now, Bob. 
Chase: Roger. What kind of air speed? 
Rushworth: 300. 
NASA 1: Bob, want to set SAS 6-4-8 for landing? 
Rushworth: Right, I got a calibrate. Going to use a little speed brakes here. 
Chase: You're at 300, Bob? 
Rushworth: Yes, 300 and 19,000. 
Chase: You're 300, Bob? 
Rushworth: I'm still 300 and 19,000. 
Chase: OK, you've been jettisoning all this time, correct? 
Rushworth: Affirmative. 
Chase: Jettison is complete so you can go pressurize now if you're ready. 
Rushworth: I'm pressurized. 290 right now. 
Chase: You can throw in a little speed brakes. 
Rushworth: Affirmative, they are coming in. 
Chase: I'm passing 2000. 
Rushworth: OK, I was at 95. 
Chase: And better get those speed brakes. 
Rushworth: Right. Speed brakes coming in. 
Chase: You're closing, see your flaps. 
Rushworth: Flaps now. 
Chase: OK, you got flaps alright. 
Rushworth: And gear 
Chase: Skids, nose wheel coming out - looks like its locked down. About 1000 feet, gear up, flap, brake out. 
NASA 1: Nice, real nice. 
Rushworth: Thank you, Pete. 
NASA 1: I'm standing by to take your readings whenever you're ready. 
Rushworth: OK I'm down to #3 here, Pete. Data is off, everything is OK. Hydraulic pressure still 3350 on the left. On the left 50, right 60. Tank Pressures on APU still 560. Light on in cockpit. Mixing chamber left -40 and right -40. Engine Helium source pressure is O. Helium source pressure #l is 1650 and #2 is 1650. APU source pressure #l is 2550, #2 is 2650. Cabin source is 1900. Heading right now indicates 240. Inertial height 40,000. Inertial climb is O - just at the bottom of the O line. Oxygen pressure is 1250. Stable platform off. APU switches coming off.