Plane: X-15-1 #670 Date: 8/10/61
Flight: 1-22-37 Takeoff: 0945
Pilot: F. S. Petersen Taxi: 0927 1/2
B-52: #003 Launch: 1035
    Land: 1044
    Total: :09

12 minutes to launch
Pete: Cycling #l system. 
B-52: Heading 002, NASA 1. 
Pete: See anything on the wing yet? 
Chase: No. go ahead. There it is, that's good now. I got exhaust on all of them. I'm not close enough to check flow, but I'll get that when I get up close. 
Pete: OK, both BCS on. 
NASA 1: NASA 9, repeat lake winds. 
NASA 9: Lake winds are 12 to 15 mph, SSW. 
NASA 1: Roger. 670, did you read? 
Pete: Affirmative. 
Russell: What is your inertial altitude, Pete? 
Pete: 46 
B-52: Showing 062 heading, 45,100 feet. 
Pete: Roger. Chase 2, can you see Silver Lake yet? 
Chase: Yes, I'm over here looking at it, right over the lake its alright, there's one cumulus cloud about launch point and the stuff seems to be moving towards NW, so time should open it up. 
Pete: Roger. 
B-52: Passed 11 minutes, 10 seconds ago. 
Russell: Manual topoff initiated. 
NASA 1: Precool off, Pete. 
Pete: Precool off. 
NASA 1: Russell, we're ready for position marks. 
Russell: Standby, mark. NASA 1, the readings, cross range 79.8 miles east, range -50.5 north.
B-52: ..........
Pete: APU cooling switch to normal, blowers and LN2 on. Pressure cooling is on. My inertial speed is little over 600 feet/sec, my inertial altitude is 47,000 and the attitude looks pretty good at this point. 
B-52: Mag heading 061-1/2°. 9 minutes to launch.
Pete: Helium shutoff valve switch is on, hydraulic temp on #l is -50. #2 is -40. Data is on. Trying #l.
Russell: Doppler velocity is 675.8 per/sec. Pete, are you ready for LN2 supply off?
Pete: Affirmative.
Russell: LN2 off.
Pete: Both APU's are on the line. The generators are reset, 200 volts on both, hydraulic pressure 3400, and data off. And the engine has been reset.
B-52: 8 minutes.
NASA 1: Check engine reset, Pete. 
Pete: Rog, engine reset is on. Engine oscillograph on and vibration recorders are on. 
Russell: Inertial system in Specs. 
NASA 1: 003, you can start the turn at 7 minutes. 
Chase: Trim looks good, Pete. 
Pete: Flaps, data on, coming down. 
Russell: They're down. 
Pete: Back up again
Russell: On up .......... looking good. 
B-52: 7 minutes, starting turn, verify, Pete. 
Pete: Rog, you can turn power off, Russell. 
Russell: Roger, power off, Pete. 
Pete: Platform is internal. Helium switch is auto. 
Russell: Lube oil temp 90°. 
NASA 1: Check your #l hydraulic pressure, Pete. 
Pete: #1 3400 pounds. 
NASA 1: To forced memory at 6 minutes. 
Russell: Roger. 
Pete: SAS system has been checked and worked OK, monitor working, resetting 868. 
B-52: 6 minutes, verify. 
Pete: 6 minutes. 
Russell: 6 minutes, forced memory azimuth inertial. 
NASA 1: 670, how about an angle-of-attack reading?
Pete: 1 °
NASA 1: Russell, check doppler malfunction to normal. 
Russell: Roger, normal. 
B-52: 5 minutes, verify. 
Pete: 5 minutes, selecting X-15 oxygen at 2000 pounds, cabin altitude 35,000 feet, cine camera cine. 
Russell: Topoff is complete. 
Pete: Ventral is armed. 
NASA 1: Check your head bumper down, Pete. 
Pete: Roger. 
NASA 1: Verify camera at pulse rather than cine. 
Pete: Roger, camera going to pulse. 
NASA 1: And, request #l tank pressure. 
Pete: #l APU tank pressure is 560. 
B-52: 4 minutes, verify. 
Pete: 4 minutes, tank handle to pressurize, data's on, calibrate and pressure is coming up OK, 
Russell: Lox check valve looks good. 
Pete: And the lox and ammonia are both on, both lox and ammonia about 4700 pounds, going to jettison now. 
Chase 1: All 3 
Pete: Roger, back to pressurize. 
Russell: 3 off. 
Pete: 3 off. 
NASA 1: Verify engine source pressures, Pete. 
Pete: 4500 .......... Understand 3 minutes, how do you read, NASA 1 on X-15 radio? 
NASA 1: Read you 5 by 4.
Pete: Push to test ball nose on, APU bearing temps are 100 on #2 and 80 on #l. 
Chase 1: Got X-15 oxygen, Pete. 
Pete: Affirmative. 
NASA 1: Pete, verify the APU sources again, please. 
Pete: What's the time again? 
B-52: 2 minutes, verify. 
Pete: 2 minutes. Inertial altitude is 45,000 feet, my speed is about 700 feet per/sec. Attitude looks good, ball nose looks good. How's the weather at home? 
Russell: Doppler speed 680. 670, 
Chase 3: 670, range is clear, all the way down the beach to Harper's Lake and I don't think much has changed there at the base, let them give a call. 
NASA 1: Pete, did you get a beta swing and the ball nose check? 
Pete: Affirmative. 
NASA 1: Rog, give us the APU sources please? 
Pete: #1 is 3000. #2 is 3150. 
Russell: Doppler in Spec. 
B-52: 1 minute. Master arm on, ignition ready light check. 
Pete: Rog, 1 minute, prime is on. 
Chase 1: Showing prime. 
NASA 1: Check your data on, Pete. 
Pete: Data is on, precool is on. 
Russell: NH3 temp -33. 
Pete: All pressures look good. Pump idle. Manifold 320. Igniter idle. And, 2, 1, DROP!!
Chase: Fire going, looks good. Nice light, Pete. 
Pete: OK, feels good here. 
B-52: I show - you're starting to turn right a little bit, roll out a heading 240. 
Pete: Everything seems to be working OK. 
NASA 1: Course looks OK, check your ADF. 
Pete: ADF looks OK, 
NASA 1: 30 seconds now. 56, 57, 58 pushover. 
Pete: Pushing over. 
NASA 1: And you're in the Three Sister's area. Coming level at 78,000 feet and you've got 2900 feet per/sec. 
Pete: Rog, rudder pulse, aileron pulse, everything looks good here. 
NASA 1: 112, 113, 114, shutdown. 
Pete: Shutdown. 
B-52: Shutdown, Pete. 
Pete: Brakes out. 
NASA 1: Brakes are out and check your dampers. 
Pete: Dampers going off.
NASA 1: You're about 10 miles south of your course at 79,000 feet, descending slightly. Your velocity is about 33, Pete. 
B-52: Your velocity's about 33. 
Pete: Roger. 
NASA 1: Descending through 74,000 feet. 
Pete: Roger, cabin has blown up! 
NASA 1: Rog, understand cabin blown up. Your speed is now about 26. 
Pete: Never got above 6°.
NASA 1: Descending through 69,000. Your speed coming up on 2400.
Pete: Dampers ON. Brakes shut. 
NASA 1: Rog, do you have the lake in sight? 
Pete: Negative. 
NASA 1: OK, your course is good. We recommend putting your brakes back out a little while. 
Pete: OK, where am I? 
NASA 1: You're coming right across Hiway 395, just headed towards Gee Whiz. You're 15 miles from high key at 63,000 feet. 
Pete: About over Boron, is that it? 
NASA 1: Rog, just north of Boron, coming through 61,000 feet. 
Chase 3: Pete, if you can squirt your reaction controls damper, I'll .......... things and pick you up.
Pete: How about jettisoning?
Chase 3: Not quite yet.
Pete: Over the lake now, brakes are out.
NASA 1: Good.
Chase 3: Sport 1, can you help us?
Pete: Over Edgemont Acres, turning up runway 18, Bob, at 50,000 feet, going to jettison.
Chase 3: OK, just handy, go ahead. 
NASA 1: Check your tank and line readings, Pete? 
Pete: Tank pressures are about 50. 
NASA 1: Peroxide off? 
Pete: Peroxide is off. 
NASA 1: You're approaching high key now at about 44,000, Pete. 
Pete: Rog, man have I got altitude! 
NASA 1: Check your ADF? 
Pete: Rog - going to auto antenna. 
Chase 3: Did you go to jettison, Pete? 
Pete: I'm in jettison. I'm going through 28,000 feet, brakes are out. 
Chase 3: 28,000? 
Pete: Yes, I'm turning down wind right now. 
NASA 1: Check your pitch, Pete. 
Pete: Pitch at 6. Brakes are in. 
..........: Momentarily, he should be at 7 o'clock. 
Chase 3: OK, Pete, I've got you. I don't know if I'll get to you by landing or not.
Pete: My brakes are still out, Bob. Going through the clouds now.
Chase 3: Roger, I haven't seen the lake - slow down a notch.
Pete: OK.
NASA 1: Check your ventral armed and tanks to pressurize, Pete. 
Pete: Tanks going to pressurize and ventral is armed. I am plenty high. Brakes in. 
Chase 3: Keep going, Pete, looks good. 
Pete: Brakes are all the way in. Coming out again, a little. 
Chase 3: OK, drop the ventral. Flaps. 
Pete: Flaps. 
Chase 3: Drop the ventral. Good. 
Pete: Gear. 
Chase 3: Gears are down, nose gear looks good, Pete. Beautiful, beautiful!!
NASA 1: Check your flaps up and stick back, Pete.
Pete: OK, stick all the way back, flaps up. Push to test ball nose. Brakes open. Cycling controls. Data off. Hydraulic pressures #l and #2 3300 pounds. Hydrogen peroxide tank pressures on APU's 560 on #l and #2. On the engine, 590. APU bearing temp #l 100, #2 160. No low lights or other lights in the cockpit, igniter ready light did come on after shutdown. Mixing chamber #l and #2 -40°. Helium source is 1500 pounds on #l and #2. APU source #l is 2450 and #2 is 2550. Cabin source is 2500 pounds. C-6 heading is 192 on both C-6 and the ball. Inertial altitude 20,000 feet. Inertial velocity is 600 feet per/sec. X-15 oxygen pressure is 200 pounds. SAS settings on landing were 6-6-8 Stable platform is off. APU switches are off.