Plane: X-15-1 #670 Date: 2/7/61
Flight: 1-21-36 TO:  
Pilot: Major R. White Launch:  
B-52: 008 Land:  

12 Minutes to launch
B-52: 12 minutes, 15 seconds ago.
Bob: OK, my windshield master is off, windshield heaters are on. 
B-52: 45,000 accelerating at 11 minutes to drop. 
NASA 1: About 5° left, Fitz. 
B-52: Roger 5°, NASA 1. Having a little trouble visually, you're on the base leg until we get squared away on final, so you'll have to help me a little on directions. 
NASA 1: Will do. 
B-52: Cloud layer in here, will be behind us at launch. 1O minutes. 
Bob: Switch launch panel. 3450 helium source. 3300 on #l and #2 nitrogen source. 425 on tank press. Got pitch and roll #l hydraulic is -50 and #2 is -25. APU source 3850 on #l, 3550 on #2. #1 mixing chamber -25, #2 is -5. LN2 source 3600 
NASA 1: Butch, is your memory light on now? 
Butchart: It's on. Go to doppler malfunction? 
NASA 1: Yes, let's go out of that now. 
B-52: 9 minutes. 
Bob: Ram air door closed. Both blowers and LN2 is on. Press cooling is on. Cabin press is varied to -
NASA 1: Confirm manual topoff, Butch? Affirm.
Butch: Affirm.
NASA 1: X15 LN2 supply closed? 
Butch: Yes. 
B-52: 8 minutes 
Bob: Data on. #2 APU coming on now. Peroxide tank press's up 550. #2 up to 3500, settling down. #l APU coming on now. Peroxide tank press up #1 hyd press coming up 3300 (?) Ready for generators? 
Butch: LOX less than 39.
......: ..........
Bob: 400 volts on each generator. 3450 on #l and #2 hydraulics. Flaps coming down, flaps coming up. X-15 power off? 
Butch: Off. 
B-52: 7 minutes. 
Bob: Stabilizer position pretty good, Danny?
Chase: Right on trim. 
Bob: Cabin source is holding 35 pounds. Cabin pressure 35,000. Gains on the ball are +2-1/2° angle of attack. 
NASA 1: Fitz, hold and turn 20 seconds late.
B-52: 6 minutes now, what time do you want us to turn? 
NASA 1: 20 seconds from now. 
Bob: X-15 oxygen is on. Fire extinguisher is auto. Nitrogen control reads 3400. Governor balance is 450 on #1 and #2. I've got bleed on all 8 chambers. 
Butch: Got my memory light back on. 
B-52: 5 minutes. 
Bob: X-15 oxygen is holding 1900 psi. 3 jettison switches are off. Cine camera going to pulse. Butch, at 4 minutes, I'll swing into topoff. Call before pressurize.
Butch: Send a reading now.
Bob: 45.
Butch: It's been holding this for quite awhile, haven't had to reset it in last 2-3 minutes. 
B-52: 4 minutes. 
Butch: Topoff secured. 
Bob: Going to pressurize on the tanks. Controls back up to 50 and holding at 50 indicated. 3 jettison switches going on. Jettison check, Danny? 
Chase: Rog. All 3 jettisoning. LOX shutoff. Peroxide is off. Fuel is still going. 
NASA 1: Fitz, add 30 seconds now. 
Chase: Fuel is off. 
B-52: Rog, understand call 3-1/2 now. 
Bob: Got 2500 on nitrogen source. Data on, calibrate. Ball nose test in 5 seconds. 
NASA 1: Rog. Observe your indicated alpha during the button being pushed in. 
Bob: Went to a -10 and when I let go it cycled back to a +3 now.
B-52: 3 minutes. 
NASA 1: APU bearing temp please? 
Bob: 90 on #l and 90 on #2. Mixing chambers are -30 and -15. Hydraulics are +30 and +30. 
B-52: 2 minutes.
Bob: Stable platform going internal, is that OK, Butch?
Butch: It's a Job to perform. 
Bob: Ventral is armed. .......... Brake handle. 
Butch: Going internal?
Bob: Going internal. Push to test in 5 seconds. OK, push to test - is -10° alpha and cycle back to 2°. Intercom switch, how do you read? 
NASA 1: Loud and clear. 
B-52: 1 minute, 15 seconds. 
Bob: What's the preheat setting? 
Butch: 10.
B-52: 50 seconds. 
Bob: Master on. 
B-52: 35 seconds. 
Bob: Prime coming on. 
Chase: LOX prime. Fuel prime? 
Bob: 20.... + 
Chase: It's blossomed. 
Bob: Launch light on. 
B-52: You got it and you've got 15 seconds to go. 
Bob: All set! 
B-52: 10 seconds, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - release! 
Chase: You got 8, Bob. Course looks pretty good. 
Bob: I'm showing 12° angle of attack here. What's my heading?
Chase: I'm reading 242. 
NASA 1: Heading looks good, Bob. 
Bob: .......... 35,000 press altitude, coming back up. 
NASA 1: We have you about 3600. ADF check? Push calibrate please. 
Bob: Pushing over about 50. 
NASA 1: We got you right at 50. Punch your calibrate please. 
Bob: Going back to 8° angle of attack, 50,000.
NASA 1: We have you at 51.
Bob: I can't hear anything, something in the background but I hear other people. 
B-52: Has you at 51. 
Bob: Rog. 
NASA 1: Ease off to the left a little. 
Bob: OK ........... altitude .......... 
NASA 1: Coming up on 60 now. 
Bob: Mach number indicates 1.5 My inertial speed 2200 
NASA 1: We got 16. 
Bob: OK, that's good. I show coming up on 70. 
NASA 1: We got 70 here. 75 
Bob: Pushing over. 
NASA 1: You're in the Edwards area. Got you 78,000. 
Bob: .......... fuel remaining. b back down to 70,000.
NASA 1: Check SAS 4-4-4 
Bob: Show zero fuel remaining. .......... 
NASA 1: Got you over Cuddeback. Engine master off? Prime off. 
Bob: Starting to turn now. 58,000. 
Chase: You can go to jettison anytime. I think I can make it up there now. 
NASA 1: Got you at 60,000. 
Chase: Have you started jettisoning yet? 
Bob: Negative. 
NASA 1: Check prime off. 
Bob: Prime is off. 
NASA 1: We've got you at 50,000 now. You're plenty high. Check your ADF, Bob. 
Bob: Yes ........ 
NASA 1: About 41,000 now. 
Bob: .......... north lake runway .......... 
Eddy Ap: Lakebed winds NE at 5-10. 
Bob: What is the altimeter setting now? 
NASA 1: 39,000. 
Chase: Better go to jettison, Bob or I'm not going to find you. 
Bob: OK, going to jettison now. Heading 135°, coming through 35,000. Be over the lake very shortly. 
Chase: Rog, have you. 
NASA 1: 34,000. 
Bob: Put a little speed brake out. 
NASA 1: 27,000.
Bob: Rog, in good shape - on the delta. Still Jettisoning? 
Chase: Yes. Come on down, I'm underneath you. 
Bob: Going to have to go through these clouds though, see how this works out. 
Chase: Position is good. Keep turning. 
Bob: I'll do the speed when we get through the clouds. 
NASA 1: Pressurize? 
Bob: Still high. 
Chase: Go ahead speed brakes, I'm behind you. 
Bob: 7000. Going back to pressurize. Ventral. 
Chase: Ventral anytime. It's away! Good! 
Bob: Flaps coming. 
Chase: You're high. Down 15. About down to 10, 5, real beauty!