Flight: 1-19-32 Date: Dec. 9, 1960
Plane: X-15 #1 T.O.:  
Pilot: N. A. Armstrong Launch:  

2 minutes to launch
Neil: Platform internal, ventral is armed. 
NASA 1: What is your cabin source, Neil? 
Neil: 3500 on cabin source, I'm on lower antenna and X-15 radio, how do you read? 
NASA 1: Roger, read you 5 square. 
Neil: Rog. No peeling points, good. 
B-52: We're rolling out on the final heading now with a minute and 20 seconds to go. 
Neil: Okay. 
NASA 1: Your sources looking good 008? 
Neil: Bleeds all look OK, tanks are 49 on both tanks. 
B-52: 1 minute. 
Neil: Rog, 1 minute. I got one preheat coming on, on the upper. 
B-52: 50 seconds. 
Neil: Master's on. 
B-52: 40 seconds, Neil. 
Neil: Rog, both primes are on. 
B-52: One has blossomed, prime. 
Neil: OK, I got 40° on #l APU bearing and 105° on #2. 
B-52: 25 seconds and master switch is on, Neil. 
Neil: Rog, launch light coming on. 
B-52: 20 seconds, launch light is on, 15, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 launch. 
Chase: OK, bottom 3 is not lit, now it is. 
Neil: OK, Bob. 
Chase: All 8 are lit and you look very good. 
Neil: Roger, got 8° on the ball. 
NASA 1: Neil, on upper #l, we have no indication. 
Neil: Roger, I got it. I got no buffet up to 13°. 
NASA 1: What was your run at that altitude? 
B-52: 39 
Neil: OK, I'm indicating about 365 on the bottom, which is about what

I expected.

NASA 1: Now you're bragging.
Neil: OK, I'm holding it in 8°.
NASA 1: Your course is looking good ,Neil.
Neil: OK. 41,500 pushover at the burn ...... equals O amperage.
NASA 1: We have you at 47, Neil.
Neil: OK, that's about right, I got 44.
NASA 1: Neil, swing it about 5° to the left.
Neil: OK, calibrate, I got 45.5 on pressure and 53,000 on inertial. Want to give me a readout?
NASA 1: Roger, 395.
Neil: OK, roll and yaw, and a pulse.
NASA 1: We have you dropping a little in altitude now, and 10 seconds to turn.
Neil: And 53 inertial.
NASA 1: 5 seconds to turn, Neil.
Neil: 5 to turn .......... SAS is all reset.
NASA 1: Looking good.
Neil: OK, pitch out, pitch pulse and amp speed, pulse is 7 and amp speed is ......
NASA 1: Roger.
Neil: Control off, roll pulse.
NASA 1: And your turn is looking very good.
Neil: OK, yaw and a yaw pulse. I got 53 inertial. 46 on pressure.
NASA 1: We have you at 50 even.
Neil: SAS and a calibrate. OK, sideslip.
Chase: Looks like 48,000 to me, Neil.
Neil: ......... pitch come up.
NASA 1: We got you at 49, Neil, and you're just in the inside of your turn.
Neil: OK.
Neil: Pitch is looking pretty good.
Neil: I'm getting a burnout.
NASA 1: We have you about 50,000 on the button, Neil.
Neil: Pitch pulse 14, brakes out .......... brakes coming in.
NASA 1: Start your turn in Neil.
Neil: .......... I'm starting my turn now, Jack.
Chase: What's your indicating speed?
Neil: OK, I got about 240 indicated, 50,000 inertial, little buffet at 230, master and all the chambers are on, ready to go to jettison when you're ready, Bob.
Chase: Yes, anytime..
Neil: OK, we'll skip that 4004 pitch pulse and I'll try to setup on about 250 indicated on the way back.
Chase: What is your indicated speed?
Neil: I got 230 now, Bob.
Chase: You can jettison whenever you want to. 
Neil: Go to jettison. 
NASA 1: Neil, when you straighten out, you can push a test on that hot nose. 
Neil: Rog, push to test now. 
Chase: You said you want to jettison? 
Neil: Yes I did, Bob. 
Chase: I haven't seen anything. 
Neil: OK, I can cycle it once. 
Chase: Have you seen anything, Pete, that I might have missed on the turn? 
Chase: Negative, I was on a different angle, I don't think he has gotten rid of anything yet.
......: .......... Chase 1, going to jettison.
Neil: OK, I'm still on the jettison position, got about 255 now and a 10° bank, master and chamber switches are off.
NASA 1: Roger, we have no indication that you're jettisoning down here. 
Neil: OK, I got O fuel indicated on my quantity. 
NASA 1: Roger, And your pass is looking very good. 
Chase: I'm having a hard time slowing up here, but I'll get it, a compass stick a little more. 
Neil: OK, I got 250 indicated now, Bob. 
Chase: OK, I got 255 and I get a very slight overtake, wait a second and I'll get in formation with you. 
NASA 1: Neil, check your jettison test switches. 
Neil: Rog. 
Chase: There they go, now you got it. OK, I'm reading 252 knots, 27,000 now. 
Neil: OK, I got 250 right now too. 
NASA 1: We've got you 27 radar, Neil. 
Neil: OK, couldn't hold this speed around the turn, I'm going to do a pushdown-pullup now, Bob. 
Chase: Yes, go ahead. 258. 
Neil: OK, I got 250. 
NASA 1: Neil, could you give us inertial height? 
Neil: OK, inertial height still stuck at 53,000 about 54 now. 
NASA 1: Roger. 
Neil: Prime source scale in the up direction. 
Chase: 260 at 20,000 feet now. 
Neil: Rog, I still got 250, going to pressurize. 
NASA 1: Roger, you say your speed brakes are in, is that correct? 
Chase: 17,000 we passed through, I'm reading now 270. 
Neil: OK, I got 260. 
Chase: Coming pretty close on your right here, Bob.
Chase: OK .......... helped a little bit when he launched the jettison though. Now I'm at 280.
Neil: OK, I got 275.
Chase: Now 290.
Neil: OK, I got 285.
Chase: Roger, 9500 and 295.
Neil: OK, Bob. .......... little brakes.
Chase: OK, you got brakes, 3010 and I'm going to go by you.
Neil: OK, say when.
Chase: Please standby, jettison on the count - 3, 2, 1 - go.
Neil: Release.
Chase: It's gone. Read 280, you're still up there about 60 feet, flaps coming down, there's the skids, gear, brake .......... that's nice.
Neil: And right stick, right rudder, feels pretty noisy out here. Slow deflection.
NASA 1: Any ice out there, Neil?
Neil: No I didn't see any as I went by, but it sure felt like it.
NASA 1: Real nice flight. Boy!
Neil: OK, ready for flaps to come up, speed brakes out.