Plane: X-15-1 #670 Date: 11/30/60
Flight: 1-18-31 T.O.:  
Pilot: N. Armstrong Launch:  
Chases: Walker Land:  

2 minutes to launch
Neil: Platform internal, ventral arm, circuit breakers in, intercom switch going off, radio check on X-15 radio, lower antenna, how do you read?
McKay: 5 square.
Neil: Rog. Upper pre-heat light.
B-52: One minute. Straight away on 030.
Neil: Rog one minute, data is on, engine master coming on.
B-52: 50 seconds. 40 seconds, my master switch was on.
Neil: Rog, both primes are on, I still don't have a preheat on the lower engine.
B-52: Prime on both engines.
Neil: .......... +20 on #2, APU bearings left hand side is 120 and #2 is +85, correction, +95.
B-52: 20 seconds. Engines blossom, both sides, looks good.
Neil: Rog. Launch light going on.
B-52: 10 seconds, launch light is on. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch. Looks like you need the lower one on the upper engine yet. 2, 3, 1.
Neil: I can't get #3 lit off.
McKay: Roger, go ahead and proceed with the original flight plan, Neil.
Neil: Rog, I'm at the bottom at 40 .......... 37.
Butch: Your track is looking good, Neil.
Neil: Rog, going to shut #3 engine off.
Butch: Roger, shut it off.
Neil: Shut off. Just went to simulator.
McKay: Roger. 10 seconds to turn, Neil.
Neil: Say again?
McKay: 10 seconds to turn, coming up on the base turn.
Neil: Rog. Cut the fuel down to pretty slow speed, I'll start my turn.
McKay: Roger, and then give us a calibrate at the time.
Neil: Calibrate.
McKay: Bring it around, Neil.
Neil: ..........
McKay: That's right, keep bringing it around.
Neil: Fixing to probe.
McKay: You're just a little short of the track, Neil.
Neil: A little low too.
McKay: Just a little.
Neil: The attitude isn't very good, it's off about 15° with bank and pitch.
McKay: This is inertial?
Neil: Rog, I'm on calibrate now.
McKay: Your course is looking very good, Neil.
Neil: Rog. I bet those 104s are out-running me today.
Chase: Yes, we're having trouble holding them back here, Neil.
Neil: And a sideslip at 1.6 and another one still 1.6.
McKay: 10 seconds to turn, Neil.
Neil: Can I go into turn?
McKay: Affirmative -- now.
Neil: Rog.
McKay: We have you about 48,000, Neil.
Neil: I have about 47,300. This is a nice flying airplane .... and burnout.
McKay: Roger.
Neil: Master, prime, and all chamber switches are off.
McKay: Roger, and your track is looking good.
Chase: You got altitude to burn.
Neil: I can see there is. Try a little brakes ...... 250 and rolls. Got a little bump at 230, left side and pushing over. I'm down to 210 - hope I didn't give you too much trouble.
Chase: How am I pushing, Joe?
Neil: I got about 260 now, Joe.
Joe: You can jettison anytime.
Neil: Going to jettison. I'm going to put the brakes out, Joe.
Joe: I'm here on your right side, Pete. They're kind of fighting us out on that.
McKay: You .......... push down, pull-up.
Neil: Roger, will do one now. I got full brakes out, Joe.
Chase: We're over-running you.
Neil: Now you're not.
Joe: I think your are in good shape for awhile anyway.
Neil: I got 24,000 now.
Joe: Hold her out from the runway a little here.
Neil: Roger. Brakes going in. OK, going back to pressurize.
Joe: OK.
Neil: And the ventral arm.
Joe: OK, hold out for awhile.
Neil: A little brakes, oxygen.
Joe: In good shape now.
Neil: Rog, say when.
Joe: OK, clear on the ventral.
Neil: There she goes! Flaps going down.
Joe: Checked them - down and locked.
Neil: OK.
Chase: Atta boy.
Neil: Pulled back the stick, flaps coming up, speed brakes open.
Chase: Didn't give you fellas much of a break, Joe. I was having more trouble staying back than .....
Neil: Thanks, Dad.
McKay: Nice job, Neil.