Plane: X-15 #670 Date: 11/4/60
Flight: 1-16-29 T.O.:  
Pilot: Capt. Rushworth Launch:  
Chase: Major White Land:  
  Neil Armstrong Total:  

2 minutes to launch
Rushworth: Platform going internal.
B-52: 2 minutes, Bob.
Rushworth: OK, platform is internal, ventral is arm, intercom switch is off, on lower antenna, radio check NASA 1. 
NASA 1: Read you 5 square, Bob.
Rushworth: OK, N2 source holding 2600, helium source is 3300, ........ preheat. My inertial altimeter has gone to pot now, reading east coming through 80,000 feet. Try to get it reset. 
B-52: 1 minute, Bob. 
Rushworth: Understand one minute. I've got an upper preheat light flashing on. 
Chase: Looks good from the outside, Bob. 
B-52: 45 seconds. 
Rushworth: Engine master on at 45 seconds. Prime coming on now. 
Chase: LOX prime on both, M2 at 2500 .... 3300. 
Chase: Lower engine has blossomed. 
Rushworth: Bearing temp on #l is 50 and #2 is 90. 
Chase: Upper engine has blossomed on prime. 
B-52: 18 seconds, Bob. Ready to launch light on now. 
Rushworth: I've got one. 
B-52: 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 release.
Rushworth: .......... upper one, all 8 going.
Chase: All 8 going, look good.
Rushworth: My heading is 34°. At the bottom at 36,800.
B-52: Your course is looking good, Bob.
Rushworth: OK. Starting to pushover, 44. How's my heading, Bob?
B-52: Looks good. How's your inertial height?
Rushworth: It's ... I think its gone to pot again.
B-52: Sounds like its returned again Bob.
Rushworth: ..........
NASA 1: Start your turn, Bob. 
Rushworth: OK, going to turn. 
NASA 1: Bring it around, Bob. 
Rushworth: Right. It's at 155, starting to turn, 30, 47 deplete back to 13. 
NASA 1: Your turn is looking good, Bob. 
Rushworth: OK. Lost a lot of speed in that turn, I'm only at 15 right now. 
NASA 1: Roger, you're coming back on course now. 
Rushworth: About 185. 
NASA 1: 4 minutes to turn, Bob. 
Rushworth: Going into turn. 10°, 18, full sideslip. Now rolled out. Looks to me like I'm pretty close to the base. 
NASA 1: You're just south of turn.
Rushworth: OK, my fuel is .......... fuel is burned out.
NASA 1: Bring your turn on around, Bob.
Rushworth: OK.
Chase: Got your burnout now?
Rushworth: Yes, burnout.
NASA 1: Bring your turn around, Bob.
Rushworth: OK, Jack, looks like I'm in pretty close for the altitude.
NASA 1: We have you just south of Mojave here.
Rushworth: .......... speed brakes out now.
Chase: You got him, Bob?
Chase: Yes, I got him.
Chase: OK.
Chase: What's your airspeed, Bob?
Rushworth: 300 - 192.
Chase: ... 191.
Rushworth: Going to jettison. OK, I'm at 35,000 now.
NASA 9: Allavie, the winds are out of the east at 20 to 25.
Rushworth: Still shooting for the north-south runway. OK, I'm holding 330 right now, Bob.
Chase: Edwards Tower, there's a light aircraft over the south lakebed with no radio contact.
Rushworth: Good show! 
Chase: .... jettisoning, looks good. 23,000 ..... 
Rushworth: Get that pressurizer up. 
Chase: Jettisoning looks complete, now passing 18,000, you can pressurize your tanks pretty quick.
NASA 1: Bob, is your engine master off? 
Rushworth: Engine master is off. 
Chase: Showing 14,000. 
Rushworth: 14,000 starting to turn in. Going to pressurize, LOX, I show 330 at 11,000 now. 
Chase: Alright 320, plenty of room. 
Rushworth: Right. 
Ed. Twr.: Your light aircraft is now clear of the south lakebed. 
Rushworth: Instruments on. 
Chase: Try your speed brakes, Bob.
Rushworth: Yes, they're in .......... 1, 2, 3
Chase: It's gone, the chute's out, it's working, "By Golly".
Rushworth: Flaps .... gear, ........
Chase: Skids are out, the nose gear is out, it's down, it looks locked, 20 feet, 10, 5, push a little, touchdown .....
Chase: Beautiful Rush!