Plane: X-15 670 No. 1 Date: 10/28/60
Flight: 1-15-28 T.O.:  
Pilot: McKay Launch:  

2 minutes
McKay: Platform going to internal. That was 500 on that tank pressure, Milt. And the ventral is armed. Intercom switch is coming off. And we are on lower antenna, how do you read, NASA 1?
NASA 1: Reading you 5 square, Jack.
McKay: Roger. I'm just getting pre-heat light on the upper engine.
B-52: 1 minute, we're straight and level on 030°.
McKay: Engine master coming on.
B-52: 40 seconds, master switch is on.
McKay: Prime switch coming on.
B-52: Roger, you have both prime on the upper and lower, lower is blossoming now. 30 seconds.
McKay: Roger. Hydraulic temperatures are 40 on no. 1 and 20 on no. 2.
B-52: 18 seconds. Upper engine is blossoming now, Jack.
McKay: Roger and do I have pre-heat on the lower engine?
B-52: Roger, you have pre-heat on the lower engine. 10 seconds, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch.
NASA 1: Jack, upper no. 2 chamber. We have no indication on it.
McKay: Roger, exactly, Whitey. "You say, get that launch, get that when I get down." Got me, Pete?
Pete: Yep.
McKay: Got you, Pete, read me? (Chase)
Chase: That's affirmative, how do you read me, Jack?
McKay: 5 square.
Chase: Going up.
Chase: Looks like a good course.
NASA 1: You're looking real good, Jack. 10 seconds to turn.
McKay: Roger, buddy.
NASA 1: Your turn's looking good Jack.
McKay: Coming up on left pulse at 1.4, 47 on ILP and a pitch pulse. Left ...... impulse, you're right about that other thing, Pete. Coming up on 250 and another reading, pulse at 1.5 on the Mach. 45 up.
NASA 1: Roger, Jack.
McKay: Getting like a little altitude. Coming up on 19, stable air ...... 26,000 ...
NASA 1: Roger, Jack.
McKay: And ..........
NASA 1: OK, 10 seconds to turn, Jack.
McKay: Roger, turning on the buffet. And, burnout. Engine switch coming off.
NASA 1: Roger, Jack. Your turn's looking good, Jack.
McKay: And slight buffet.
B-52: You can jettison anytime now, Jack.
McKay: Going to jettison. How's she working, Pete?
Pete: Looks good, looks like you're about 37,000, you're practically through jettisoning already.
Chase: Going to have plenty of altitude.
McKay: OK, left sideslip. That's 370 on the indicator, going through 32,000. And, going negative.
NASA 1: Roger, Jack.
McKay: And about 25,000 coming up on 120 it looks like.
Chase: Pete, I'm going to move in closer for pictures.
Pete: OK, I'll stand clear.
McKay: OK, going to air pressurize.
NASA 1: Roger, Jack.
Chase: Climbing altitude, Jack.
McKay: Roger.
Chase: Time we start back around here pretty quick. Got plenty of room. And, we'll try brakes. OK, give them a Mach number as soon as you've got time, about a 3 second countdown, will you?
Chase: Yes, he's got plenty of time, don't let that go yet.
Chase: About 11,000, Jack.
McKay: Roger, we'll try brakes.
Chase: About 310, 320.
McKay: That's the way it should be, Pete.
Pete: Looks good. You can drop it. Gone. No chute.
Chase: You got 340, you're 3500 indicated.
McKay: Roger, flaps.
Chase: Yes, they're coming down. And the gear.
Chase: The skids are out, nose gear coming out, it's down, it's locked. You're at 30 feet, 20, 10, come on, get it down, you're down.
NASA 1: All stations, post flight meeting at 1100.