Plane: X-15 No. 1 6670 Date: Oct. 22, 1960
Flight: 1-14-27 T.O.:  
Pilot: F.S. Petersen Launch:  

2 minutes to launch
Pete: Platform internal, ventral arm, intercom switches off, on lower antenna. I have two pre-heat lights and maximum fuel is 2400, ...... is about 3350, cabin source is 35, APU sources both about 3000, looks pretty good.
B-52: Both pre-heats are up, Pete.
Pete: Roger.
B-52: 1 minute.
Pete: Master switch on.
NASA 1: Roger.
B-52: Master switch is on. 40 seconds.
Pete: Cabin switches are on.
B-52: OK, I see indication of prime, .......... blossoming, 30 seconds.
Pete: .......... (garbled) .......... looks good.
B-52: Roger, 20 seconds.
Pete: Launch light is on.
B-52: Launch light is on. 10 seconds, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch.
Chase: All looking good, Pete.
Pete: OK, how's my heading look?
NASA 1: Looks good, Pete.
Chase: Real good.
Pete: Calibrate, Mach number ..........
NASA 1: Roger, 10 seconds to should turn, Pete.
Pete: 4-2-4?
Chase: OK, this is the turn. Looks good.
Pete: Am I at the turn?
Chase: Roger.
NASA 1: Start your turn.
Pete: Turning .......... going up.
NASA 1: You're looking good, Pete.
Pete: On the .......... sideslip.
NASA 1: Bring it around to the left, about 10°, Pete.
Pete: 10° left?
Chase: Left 10°.
Pete: 4-4-8.
NASA 1: Start your turn now.
Pete: Turning. Burnout. Just over pullup. All switches are off, prime switches are off, master is off. Going to jettison.
Chase: Have you got him, Neil? Pete, you can go to jettison anytime.
Pete: Jettisoning. 4-4-8. Let me have a little speed back here.
NASA 1: Your winds are calm and slightly from the east.
Pete: OK.
NASA 1: Looking real good, Pete.
Pete: OK, still just a little bit high.
Chase: Got a 26.
Pete: OK, speed brakes coming closed. And still a little high.
Chase: At 5.2.
Pete: Starting my turn in directly.
Chase: 20.
Pete: Rog.
Chase: Looks real good now, Pete.
Pete: I'll make sort of a tight turn on final, Bob.
Chase: Your jettison is complete.
Pete: Roger, I'm going back to .......... 
Chase: Just a bit more speed brake, can you hack it?
Pete: Rog. Get the ventral on the airborne.
Chase: OK.
Pete: And we're going to be a little long, I think. Brakes coming in.
Chase: You're clear on the ventral anytime. It's away and the chute came right out.
Pete: Flaps.
Chase: Looks good, nose gear coming down. 10, 5. Beauty, Pete.
NASA 1: Real nice one, Pete.