Plane: X-15 #670 Date: August 12, 1960

Flight: 1-10-19 Launch: 0849

Pilot: Maj. White Land: 0900

Total: :11

White: Everything is working good. 40 sec. master coming on, hydraulic temperatures are +40 and +30. What's the time?

B-52: About 54 .

White: Launch light on.

B-52: 40 seconds, got a launch light Bob?

White: Roger.

B-52: 10 seconds, 5, make it a good one, 3-2-1-release

White: All 8 look good.

Chase: Rog, looks like you got 8 going. You're heading a little north of Three Sisters.

White: Yes

NASA 1: OK, that looks pretty good right there.

White: I'm showing 240 on the ball.

...: ......

White: I'm pushing over to level at 60.

NASA 1: OK Bob, we have you coming level at 60, heading is good, check your APU indication .

White: Yes, it's showing 20° to the right of my nose, pitch pulse is 17, damper back on at l80, starting a pullup

NASA 1: Rog.......OK, stop it Bob

White: OK, I show 1.8 Mach number.

NASA 1: OK, we don't have any Mach. number for you. 8

White: Inertial 9.

NASA 1: Your angle looks good Bob....... coming up on 10 now, angles are good, go to ll now with no Mach number. Count now at, coming 12 now. At 12.6. At 13, looks good here, that's still good.

White: I'm passing through 14.

NASA 1: You've gone through 12.5, coming down now.

White: OK, kind of empty up here

NASA 1: Rog, at 12,

White: 12, inertial 13 and now to get back 690.l

NASA 1: Rog, we've got you at about 10.5 now.

White: OK, I show 11.5

NASA 1: Speed needle is good, going through 9.

White: I show 10.

NASA 1: OK, 8

White: 9, One at 2.6, I get up.

NASA 1: OK, we've got you coming up on 7 right now

White: OK, I show 8

NASA 1: Speed's good

White: Timed a little behind on that. How about Mach number, indication, got any?

NASA 1: OK, I got about 2.10 now.

White: OK, I'm reading high, altitude?

NASA 1: OK, coming up, beginning over here at 55, 54, 52, speed's about 195.

White: Rog, didn't get the altitude?

NASA 1: OK, I got 49, and you're right north of the base.

White: OK, pushing over to zero g.

NASA 1: Rog.

White: Coming up.

NASA 1: Very good Bob . 45

White: Starting my turn.

NASA 1: Rog, I think that's a good idea.

White: What altitude did you say again?

NASA 1: Looks like you got about 13 or 14 on top.

White: I mean the altitude right here.

NASA 1: 44

White: I show 41.

NASA 1: Got you at 41 Bob.

White: If anyone wants to connect me, to jettison , I'm going. OK, I'm at 35, quite a ways out, going to jettison.

NASA 1: Rog.

McKay: Still don't have you yet . Rog, I got you.

NASA 1: Looks like you should be able to make high key alright, Bob.

White: OK. Master's off, switches are off.

....: Anybody picked up jettison yet?

....: ....

White: Everything else looks pretty good ....

NASA 1: That's pretty good, what's your speed and altitude now?

White: OK, I'm showing 24.5 now.


McKay: ......

White: Is that full of dirt, or what happens if I lift up this face mask? ....... I'm over the runway, pushing over to 2°, going on up, going left.

McKay: OK, you can go to pressurize anytime you want to Bob.

White: OK, source pressures down.

BlkB 2: Data off?

White: My data is on.

BlkB 2: Roger, they would like to conserve enough for the landing.

White: OK, it's off.

Chase: Everything in place, looks good.

NASA 1: Your oxygen OK Bob, or face mask?

White: Yes I got good oxygen. OK, I'm turning in, data's coming back on, standby, ventral coming, 3-2-1-off.

Chase: It's off.

White: Flaps coming gear now.

Chase: OK, you got 3 Bob. About 5 feet, you're on.

White: That's it.

NASA 1: Attention all stations, post flight briefing 10:30.

White: Data off.