Plane: X-15 Date: 8/4/60

Flight : 1-9-17 Takeoff:

Pilot: Joe Walker Launch:

B-52: #003 Land:


Taxiing Down Runway

Joe: My helium source 3550, nitrogen sources both 3400. Control 560 and tank 420. Hydraulic temperatures -80 and -55. #l APU 3800 and #2 3700. Cabin source 3500.

NASA 1: OK Joe can we get a control gas reading?

Joe: Its about 570.

NASA 1: OK. Russell do you have your beacon on?

Russell: Roger.

B-52: LOX fill light out at 900 gallons.

Joe: I'm all set Jack.

B-52: Roger Joe. Russell let us know when you're ready.

Russell: All set back here Jack.

B-52: OK be about 30 seconds yet. Ready to hold our speed down end try to get .......gear. OK gears up, continuing normal.

Joe: Ventral armed, blowers off, ram air doors open.

NASA 1: Roger Joe.

Chase 1: Airborne.

B 52: Looks like a nice day Joe. At 10,500 feet now, 260 knots.

Chase 1: NASA 1 everything looks pretty good. Only thing we can see back here is a little bit of fuel vent.

NASA 1: OK Bob.

B-52: Doppler radar is normal condition.

NASA 1: OK Russell. First part of your transmission garbled and then clears up when you talk.

B-52: ........

Russell: LOX fill light on at 900 gallons.

B-52: 20,000 - 260

Russell: LOX fill light on at 440 and on the prime tank.


Russell; LOX fill light out at 340.


B-52: Joe we're ready for a SAS check whenever you want it

Joe: You can do her now. I'm ready.

B-52: Roger. Chase aircraft move away, we'll roll left, right, left. Rolling left, going right now.

Joe: Looks pretty good.

B-52: Continue on the climb.

Joe: Want to fire up the platform Russell?

Russell: Roger anytime you're ready, to external.

Joe: OK on external.

B-52: 30,000 feet 257 knots and no more turn around Stan.

NASA 1: OK Jack.

Russell: OK Joe going to platform erection now.

Joe: Came out fine.

Russell: OK.

NASA 1: The winds and altitudes for both Las Vegas and Edwards are pretty much the same. They go from about 10 knots at the ground to a maximum at 40 knots at 45,000 feet, holding around 120°. At 45,000 they diminish in velocity down to about 15 to 25 and swinging around from the east.

Joe: Rog. Hydraulics are running -50 and -25.


Joe: How do you read me on the X-15 radio Butch?

NASA 1: 5 square Joe.

B-52: You're loud and clear on that one Joe, thank you.

Joe: NASA 1 are you reading 670?

NASA 1: Yes you reading us OK?

Chase 1: Joe everybody reads you loud and clear.

Joe: I read you and Allavie and no modulation from NASA 1.

B-52: B-52 reads you loud and clear Joe.

Joe: OK working OK, back to normal.

B-52: Stan never was a good modulator anyway

NASA 1: OK you lost 10 points.

B-52: Roger Buddy!

NASA 1: Joe the lakebed winds at the present time are 190 at 11 knots.

And the report we had from Silver Lake, the surface winds are

7 knots from the south.

Joe: Roger.

B-52: 35,500 and 255 knots.

Russell: LOX fill light out at 350. We should be coming out of cage in about the next minute Joe. There she goes.

Joe: OK got it.

Russell: Missed it. How does it look, OK?

Joe: Yes Sir.

Chase 4: Airborne.

B-52: OK Stan I'm leveling at 38 and I'll continue my turn. I'll to over Boron this time.


Joe: We're running around 39 to 40,000 inertial altitude and 600 feet per/second.


C-130: Jack are you starting your run from Boron to the east now?

Russell: LOX fill light out 230.

NASA 1: OK Russell. Allavie was that the C-130 calling you?

B-52: If he did, I didn't hear him Stan.

NASA 1: I think he was asking some information as to if you were starting your run over from Boron yet.

B-52: About 5 minutes. ....Taylor, if you read, we're over the south end of the lake, will be turning out east in just a minute.

C-130: Roger understand. We're at 3 Sisters now, will be at Silver Lake when you get there.

Chopper: Everything is in place.

NASA 1: Russell I presume you're set on Zero north.

Russell: Roger.

NASA 1: OK that will be the first one I'll give you. Russell you can go standby in about a minute.

Russell: Understand.

Joe: What heading are you on at the moment Jack?

B-52: Heading 002.

Joe: Pretty good. I've got about a 2° discrepancy between C-6 and the ball.

NASA 1: Mark Jack. Got it zeroed out alright?

Russell: Roger. Jack, what is the Mach number?

B-52: ........Stan, over Boron turning right. Starting to climb to 45.

NASA 1: Roger, we have you about 5 miles south. Better make a shallow turn Jack and I would like you to wind up about 070.

B-52: Roger 070.

Russell: What time to drop, approximately Joe?

Joe: 19-1/2 minutes.

NASA 1: Russell you're ......setting 15 east.

....: What was your takeoff time?

B-52: 11 minutes after 0900.

NASA 1: Russell go to standby at 15 east.

Russell: Roger.

B-52: 40,300 and 240 knots.

Russell: Jack what is our Mach number?

B-52: .78 now at 41,000 feet.

Joe: Our inertial height is going down the same rate we're going up. There it comes.

NASA 1: Left at 075.

B-52: Turn left at 075. Estimating 16 minutes.

Russell: Telemetering is on.

Joe: Fuel off and heat on.

B-52: 15 minutes to drop, passing 43,000.

Russell: LOX fill light out at 120 on the climb.

B-52: ........OK that's 14 Stan.

NASA 1: Right.

B-52: How is your inertial altitude Joe?

Joe: Well it's gone up in a big hurry, reads 44 ....... and we're about 700 feet a second.

B-52: NASA l, I've got about 13 minutes now according to the ........

NASA 1: Roger, we will reset you at 12 here.

B-52: Leveling at 45 accelerating at 82.

NASA 1: Will be 12 minutes here at my mark. Mark.

B-52: We have 12 minutes to go. Is that affirmative Stan?

NASA 1: Roger. Russell set in east 65.

Russell: Roger.

B-52: 11 minutes Stan and we are still accelerating

NASA 1: OK Russell go to standby. Mark.

B-52: Topoff at 740 on the cruise.

NASA 1: 740 on the cruise. Can you give me a reading on your doppler ground speed and trip?

B-52: Ground speed 475, 3° left. 10 minutes.

NASA 1: And set in 50 north Russell.

B-52: Winds on the Edwards lake are 190 about 10 knots, holding.

NASA 1: Go to standby and mark.

B-52: 9 minutes.

NASA 1: When do you plan to go to manual topoff Russell?

Russell: Last topoff was initiated prelaunch.

B-52: Stan coming up on the radial, we're on the 057° radial now. 8 minutes.

Joe: That means ram air closed. Pressure cooling on. Blowers and LN2 on ..........

B-52: NASA 1 are you ready for me to turn to 057?

NASA 1: Negative and we want you to add 30 seconds for your next call.

B-52: Roger Buddy!

Joe: Hydraulics -60 and -35.

Russell: LOX fill light out at 650, starting manual.

B-52: 7 minutes. ..... 11 miles east ..... Stan do you want me to turn to 055 is that affirmative?

NASA 1: It looks like you've already turned on our radar. Hold what you have now.

B-52: I'm going to turn 057 and its 6 minutes now.

Joe: #l APU.

Russell: .... heat off ....

Joe: #2 APU

B-52: 003 in the turn.

Joe: Helium source 3750, #2 3500. Tanks are both 550. Hydraulics 3400. Reset. ..... 200. Heat off.

B-52: 5 minutes.

....: ......

Joe: Let me know when you think it's time to pressurize Jack?

Russell: Roger.

B-52: NASA 1, position check please.

Joe: Check your controls Bob.

B-52: Just a minute, I have some ......... I can see them moving now.

NASA 1: Allavie, can you flatten out the turn about 5°?

B-52: Roger Stan. 4 minutes. OK topoff coming off now.

Joe: Let's pressurize.

NASA 1: Looks like we're going to need another minute in here since we had this delay in topoff. If you can continue on to the north there Jack and then turn back in, it will help.

B-52: Roger I'll hold the heading I'm on now.

Joe: LOX standing 50. .......47. Heat to 30, 35....... is about 50 there, all 4 of them.

B-52: 3 minutes, 10 seconds.

Joe: Roger. Helium is 3500 and nitrogen is 2500, both of them. We're still up on APUs and 3500 cabin. Check list.

B-52: OK there was a very very short burst on LOX.

Joe: Roger good shot, it came out though didn't it?

B-52: Yes got a real short ......

Joe: OK that's good enough.

B-52: .... .... show preheat.

Joe: Roger X-15 power off. Both speeds are .....Power off.

B-52: Voltage off.

Joe: X-15 oxygen.

NASA 1: Holding your heading Allavie.

B-52: Coming around to 248 now. Looks lined-up OK with Three Sisters.

NASA 1: You're going to be too far along to hold this heading.

Joe: What's the time at Jack?

B-52: You got one minute and 30 seconds.

Joe: Data and calibrate.

B-52: Stan I show 1 minute, 15 seconds, please advise.

NASA 1: We'll have to run that about 15 seconds over that.

B-52: OK Stan, I have one minute now, I'll add 15 seconds. One minute 15 seconds.

NASA 1: Right.

....: ....

NASA 1: You getting caught up Joe?

Joe: Yep, waiting for the 40 second act.

NASA 1: Lets go 40 seconds now then.

B-52: 40 seconds now Joe.

Joe: Now on.

B-52: Prime started?

Chase: OK I see through Prime on the bottom engine, looks good. Prime on the top engine's now blossoming.

B-52: 20 seconds. Ready to launch light on at 15 seconds. 10 seconds, 5 seconds, 4-3-2-1 launch.

Chase: You got eight. Looks good Joe, you're on your way.

Joe: Looks like 8 prime?

Chase: Roger, we see them back here, looks good. I'm showing you just slightly left of course Joe.

Joe: Roger.

NASA 1: Just a hair Joe.

Joe: 40,000 1.2

NASA 1: Roger.

Joe: ........started. 50,000 115

NASA 1: You made it, in Three Sisters area.

Joe: Roger. Inertial altitude is way behind. It's only at 50,000 now, 1200 feet a second.

B-52: Gyro look good?

Joe: ......pitch pulse.

NASA 1: You're over Cuddeback area.

Joe: 60,000 at 165.

B-52: Cuddeback area Joe.

Joe: Roger.

NASA 1: And you're at Edwards area.

B-52: Edwards area Joe.

Joe: Roger. Pushover. Burnout +3+


Joe: Pitch pulse, directional pulse, left turn.

NASA 1: You're a little north of track.

Joe: I'm still up here at about 88,000.

....: What's your speed Joe?

Joe: Slowing down to about 400 knots, pitch pulse.

NASA 1: Passing through 55.

Joe: Another pitch pulse, coming up on 40,000. Pitch pulse, still holding about 450. I'm starting to slow down to 220.

Chase: Roger, I have you in sight Joe.

Joe: OK.

NASA 1: You've been holding just outside our ........but coming in across it now.

Joe: OK

B-52: ........ on the X-15.

Joe: Roger. OK, I'm going on up to 10° and then I'm coming back down and speed up to 300. Pushover. OK pitch damper back on.

Chase: You can jettison anytime. Go ahead. Jettison started.

Joe: Roger.

NASA 1: Joe lakebed winds are still about 190 at 7 knots holding.

Joe: OK.

Chase: We're approaching the west edge of the lake.

Joe: Yes I got it.

Chase: Right over the middle of the lake.

Joe: Roger.

Chase: Got sight of you Bob, 18,000.

Joe: Checks .

Chase: Jettison complete.

Joe: OK going to tanks to pressurize.

Chase: Arm ventral.

Joe: Its armed.

Chase: Cage. I have you 310 knots.

Joe: ........Jettison.

Chase: Very good.

Joe: LOX

Chase: Looks good.

Joe: Gear.

Chase: Looks good, 10 feet, 5 - Beauty Joe!

Joe: Wippee!!

Chase: I'm coming by on your right Pete.

Chase: Right.

Joe: OK flaps are up. 3250. Temperature is about 50 on each APU. Peroxide tanks both holding 550 and 560. No low lights. Attitude ball reads about 175° and does the C-6. Inertial velocity reads, Holy Mackerel, it's gone up on velocity and down on altitude. Right at the moment there, there's about 034 on the data. C helium source pressure says 100 pounds. #l is 900, #2 is 900. #l APU is 2850, #2 is 2650. Cabin source is 2300. I was running at topoff on the other, but never got much chance. OK APU switches are coming off.