Flt. No. 7 X-15 No. l 670 Walker May 12, 1960
Walker:  NASA 1 this is 670. Are you reading me on B-52 radio?
NASA 1: Affirmative. That's much better. We didn't get the first set of gage readings so if you want to catch us up on the appropriate ones we might have missed it would be helpful.
Walker:  Source is reading 3650, nitrogen No. 1 & No. 2 3400, 9440, control 560, voltage 198. My hydraulics are -65 and -30 and cabin source 3650 
Armstrong: Real good. Russell from NASA 1, we'd like a doppler radar check please. The 52 is directly east of Rogers Lake at 40,000 ft. heading north. We're reading you loud and a little scratchy Joe
B-52: It's about 17 minutes to drop.
Walker: NASA 1 from 670. Looks like our homing needle works anyway. 
Armstrong: Good. Did you complete a SAS check?
Walker: No they have been trying to get GCI. Chuck, let's do a SAS roll check when you get time 
B-52: OK, I've got time. You ready now? 
Walker: Ready now 
B-52: OK, I'll come back to the right. Rolling right. 
Walker: The only one we got to kick off was roll. The yaw was working on the ground there at any rate 
B-52: Want to try again?
Walker: Yes, let's take one more whack at it.
B-52: OK, here we go.
Walker: OK, we got both roll and yaw. That's OK, Chuck.
NASA l: NASA 1 requests you return to lower antenna.
Walker: OK, I'm on lower antenna.
NASA l: Reading you OK.
Walker: Windshield heat is on.
Walker: We got both roll and yaw on that last roll maneuver.
B-52: Let's make a time check. 
?: OK, Jack coming up on 38 past the hour in just a couple of seconds. 
Russell: What's the time until drop? 
B-52: Oh, I'm sorry. You've got about 11 minutes to drop. 
NASA 1: You want to give us that topoff reading please? 
B-52: We are in a pre-launch condition with the cruise tank at 720 gallons. Topoff check normal. 
Chase 4: Chase 4 checking in. Completing manual topoff. Prime showing.
Walker: .....
B-52: 7 minutes to launch.
Walker: Ram air closed. Pressure cooling on. Blowers ON Helium switch on. Hydraulics are -3 and -25 
B-52: According to topoff condition here you are just about ready to come over. 
Walker: OK data on, 
B-52: About 6 minutes.
Walker: No. 1 APU coming on. Tanks 37. Source, I mean, is 37 and tank is 540 and the hydraulic is 3400. Coming on with No. 2. 
B-52: Source? 
Walker: 3450 Source, 550 tank and 3400 hydraulics. For your information, I got an electrical surge that just ... on pitch and roll. Reset.
B-52: 5 minutes.
Walker: Data off. Electrical power is 200 in each one. 
Russell: Just a second on this topoff here. 
Walker: OK I'll hold the pressurize until you've finished topoff. 
Russell: Should be ready in a minute. Top off complete 
Walker: OK, jettison switches are off. Bleed off. Fire Ext. auto. Pressures are 30 and 35. Both governors valves 405. Tank handle to pressurize. 
B-52: 4 minutes.
Russell: Showing a little pre-heat. 
Walker: Lox 50 pounds and ALC 50 lbs.
Walker: Tank handle to jettison 
Chase: Jettison performed.
Walker: Tank handle to pressurize.
Chase: Jettison continuing again. Petering out though.
Walker: B-52 power off please.
B-52: 52 power off
Walker: Emergency battery on. Horizontal stabilizer position
B-52: 3 minutes
Chase: Stabilizer .. in position, good Joe
Walker: .... 1900 lbs. and data calibrate. Ventral is armed and the breakers in. 3000 helium 2500 ...... holding up good
NASA 1: Bearing temperatures.
Walker: 60 and 80
B-52: 2 minutes
Walker: Switching over to X-15 automatic antenna. NASA 1, do you read?
NASA 1: Rog.
B-52: Loud and clear. What's the time, Charlie?
B-52: 1 min 10 seconds.
Walker: OK. Think I will lower the antenna because I get a racket out of the automatic position.
B-52: 55 seconds
Walker: Engine master on
B-52: 30 seconds
Walker: I missed you at 40
B-52: That prime looks good, Joe. 15 seconds. 10 Got the launch light. Starting the counting down 5 4 3 2 1 Release. He's away
Walker: One to go. Here it goes.
Chase: Going. Joe you got all 8. Be on your way. 
Walker: Hot ziggity. Watch me and give me a clue once in a while as to whether I'm still on track. 
Chase: You are now heading 232 degrees.
Walker: 40,000, 118 
Chase: Looks like a good heading to me Joe
Walker: 52 at 114. 60 at 1.4
NASA 1: Entering the 3 Sisters area. Get that Joe? Entering the 3 Sisters area.
Walker: Are we in the Edwards area
NASA 1: Negative. You're in 3 Sisters area
Walker: 70 at 195
NASA 1: Entering Edwards area
Walker: Rog. Edwards area. Aileron pulse. Pushover. Little bit wobbly up here. Cut back. Overspeed
Chase: What is his position, Neil?
NASA 1: About 9 o'clock to you Bob
Walker: Left turn
Sport 1: 8 miles to the right.
Walker: 50,000 ft.
Sport 1: He's on now.
NASA 1: What's your speed, Joe?
Walker: 300. What did you say the wind was?
NASA 1: WSW 10 to 15 kts.
Chase 1: You're still jettisoning
Walker: OK. Still land south then
Chase 1: To the south. Jettison almost complete. I'll call it.
Walker: OK
Chase: Jettison complete
Walker: Ok, back to pressurize
Chase: Joe, you're at 20,000
Chase: He's on the downwind
Chase: Ventral armed
Walker: Ventral armed. When I cross the highway I'll be dumping it. Ventral coming off. Flaps.
Chase: Gear coming down.
Walker: Gear
Chase: 5 ft., 2, Real good, Joe.
Walker: Thanks a lot
Chase: Nice one, Joe
Walker: I'm in good shape.
NASA 1: Attention all stations. Post flight 10:00
Walker: The helium source is almost down N2 No. 1 is about 750, No. 2 700. APU No. 1 is 2850, No. 2 5827. Cabin source is 2650. Hydraulic pressures, both 3250. Tank pressures are both about 560. APU bearings are both 60 and no low lights. Shutting down APUs now.
NASA 4: Joe, do you want to get the flaps up?
Walker: OK, coming up with the flaps first. Now, coming off with the APUs.