Plane: X-15 #1 670 Date: May 8, 1960

Flight: #6 T.O.: 0953

Pilot,: Major White Land: 1003

Chase: Total: :10

Chase: You got good looking ones, Bob. All going. - look good. 
White: OK - got a roll of SAS malfunction after launch and now I'm back to reset. First roll looked .good. What's my heading? 
Chase: 060 - everything looks good. 
White: Every little roll about shakes you to pieces, I'll tell you! 06....43 - and I'm reading 53 now on the inertial height. 
Chase: Over south lake. 
White: Thank you - .....65.....vapor when I look outside the airplane, I believe tho it shows on my inertial ball - OK pushing over - OK level with about 60 and 16 - how far from turn line, NASA l?
NASA 1: 14 seconds.
White: Rog - rolling into the turn of 174 - .....over again - got controls at about ..... track and .... full back - roll was cause of .... alright .... burnout .... controls but it was down at about Mach 2.
Chase: What's your speed Bob?
White: I'm at 19 at 55,000 - let me know when you want to jettison.
Chase: OK
White: Alright jettison now?
Chase: Standby.
White: Rog.
Chase: 12 o'clock to you Bob.
White: Rog .... keep you.
Chase: Rog
White: Get all SAS off now - play with this a little bit.
Chase: OK go to jettison - watch your speed.
White: OK down to 280, jettisoning.
Chase: Rog.
White: .... 47 .... base.
Chase: Yes, we're high - jettisoning is beginning to stop, I'll call when lt does.
White: OK, I'll let it wiggle around here a bit with these dampers.
Chase: OK, I'm way out.
White: Rog - I want to use the sides first - ........ 
Chase: Rog - I'll stay on the inside till we start down.
White: You're clear. 
Chase: You're just coming up on main base Bob.
White: OK, I'm at 31,000 and 190 knots, roll damper ........ let it last a little while, I gave it a little lateral pulse and she drops right off the line. 
Chase: Going on the outside of you Bob. 
White: Say again? 
Chase: ... speed and your jettisoning stopped quite awhile ago. 
White: OK, I'll pressurize the tanks, the ventral is on. 
Chase: OK 
White: It's hot in here, I'm going to turn off my suit and my face plate. 
Tower: 3013. 
Chase: We're just coming up south track, right over it now. 
White: 3016, the altimeter, is that right? 
Tower: Negative, 3013.
White: 3013, right, Gosh, I'm high again .... how's, the time?
Chase: Looks good.
White: Give me a call on this ventral will you?
Chase: Right'o .
White: How about here?
Chase: Not quite across the road, but you're clear.
White: Did it come off?
Chase: Negative, try again. Still on.
White: OK, it didn't come off?
Chase: Still on.
Chase: Here too.
Chase: It's coming d own.
White: Ventral still on -
Chase: ....
Chase: Ventral's off, looks good Bob.
White: .... another system check out ....................